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Chapter 1863: Its all because of me (1)

The instant the palace door opened up, a disorderly and rampaging thunder attributed Profound Energy leaked out from the slit of the door.

This Profound Energy was extremely overbearing, forcing Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu to be pushed back repeatedly.

Cang Po Jun had finally managed to stand firm when he raised his head and cried out in surprise, “Grandmaster Huang!”

Huang Yueli seemed as though she was completely unaffected by this Profound Energy as her feet moved lightly and she flashed past the door, entering the rear hall.

The minute she entered the door, she noticed that there was no attendant in sight there, only Li Moying standing in the middle of the rear hall.

His entire body was shrouded by bluish purple electric currents and around him occasionally sparked lightning.

The powerful thunder attributed energy filled every corner of the rear hall.

The entire rear hall was covered in Li Moyings thunder region.

Luckily, Levitation Sword Palace was a historical site left behind since the ancient times and with an array like that as protection, it was extremely solid hence it was not shattered by his Profound Energy.

But even so, cracks started to appear as the dust and ash kept on dropping from the cracked ceiling but under the electric currents scorches, it turned into flames so before it had even fell onto the ground, it had already turned into a wisp of smoke.

“This… this… Sovereign he…” Cang Po Jun finally resisted the pressure and barely made it into the palace door.

Cang Po Yus brows were tightly wound, “Sovereign he….

his illness has acted up!”

“What Whats going on”

Cang Po Yu didnt reply because Huang Yueli had already rushed into the thunder region boundary without any hesitation, as she avoided every single bolt of lightning, arriving next to Li Moying.

Li Moyings complexion was almost transparent as it radiated a palely white colour which reflected a bluish purple tint which made him appear extremely terrifying.

Huang Yueli tipped her toes as she hooked her arms around Li Moyings neck and lifted up her head as she kissed his lips.

Li Moyings lips were icy cold and dry, moreover his body kept on trembling non stop.

The moment his lips touched Huang Yuelis soft and warm lips, he was like a withered tree that had been thirsting for a long time, as he drew in the warmth with great anticipation which was emitting from her.

Li Moyings arm embraced the young ladys slender waist tightly and drew in tighter and tighter as the tip of his tongue forcibly penetrated into her mouth, with wild passion which almost drowned the duo completely.

Huang Yueli almost ran out of breath from his tight embrace as the rubs near her chest almost fractured.

But she didnt struggle, instead she hugged him back hard because she knew that this was the basic instinct of Li Moyings Soul Detachment Illness and she must completely accept him in order to let him recover as soon as possible.

But this time round, Li Moyings kiss seemed to be much longer as compared to before.

Huang Yueli felt as though her Profound Energy was about to be sucked dry by Li Moying and even her breathing was not smooth any longer as her eyes kept seeing black and just at the moment when she was about to fall, the strength which Li Moying held around her waist suddenly weakened.

Following that, he fell entirely onto Huang Yueli.

However, Huang Yueli was already totally exhausted and being pressed down by him, she lost her balance and immediately fell backwards.

“Sovereign! Grandmaster Huang!”

Luckily, the few Guardians reacted in time and immediately headed up to catch Li Moying and also held on to Huang Yueli hence the two were not hurt from the fall.

Li Moying entered a state of unconsciousness and his forehead was creased tightly with weak breathing.

His face was as white as a sheet of paper, even his lips which had just been through the passionate kiss did not show any trace of blood at all.


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