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Chapter 1855: Unsurpassable peerless top exponent (7)

Cang Po Jun snuck a glance at Huang Yueli to see if she had any countermeasures to deal with this situation.

But Huang Yueli also didnt have any better idea.

The current situation was the worst kind of scenario within her plan and now that things had come to such a pass, other than taking action, there was basically no other choice.

Luckily when Cang Po Yus array was already successfully set up, various ninth stage realm Elders had all arrived in place and to defeat this group of people, it wasnt considered as a difficult feat but the secret that Mu Chengying was no longer in Blue Profound Sect would definitely not be kept under wraps any longer.

Huang Yueli could only give Cang Po Jun a hand gesture, indicating for him to be prepared to take action.

Cang Po Juns heart sunk, this time he was really out of hope.

Not knowing when it started, Huang Yueli had turned into the most intelligent, most dependable existence in them Guardians eyes, as though they knew that as long as she was there, whatever complicated or disorderly situation would all be easily dealt with.

But now, even she also had no idea….

Looked like this secret which was kept for sixteen years was finally about to be revealed.

The minute this secret leaked out, to the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, it was explosive news which was enough to shake all the corners of the continent and Sky Emperor Citys powerhouse structure would then undergo turbulent changes…..

At this point, Elder Qi and the others were already standing at the front halls corridor leading to the rear hall.

Elder Qi spoke out, “Guardian Jun, will you please move aside, we are on our way to pay our respects to Sovereign Mu so surely you will not intentionally obstruct us right”

Cang Po Juns gaze congealed slightly as he spoke out slowly, “How would that be Since youre in a hurry to be reincarnated, then why should This Guardian poke my nose into this, or even stop you from doing so”

“Ha ha, great then, lets go!” Elder Qi sneered as he strode on ahead.

Cang Po Jun watched them walking towards the rear hall as he was fully alert, waiting for the best chance to take action.

Elder Qi and three others walked towards the rear halls tightly shut door as they bowed down and called out in a bright voice, “Sovereign Mu, I am Sky Devil Sects Elder Qi Hui and Ive long heard of Sovereign Mus fame so Ive specially came over to pay a visit and pay my respects to Sovereign Mu…..”

The rear halls door was shut tightly, without any movements coming from inside.

Elder Qi and the others revealed an excited expression, feeling that theyd guessed it correctly as they had even more confidence in their own judgement.

He raised his voice once again, “Sovereign Mu, if youre unwilling to voice out, then I will proceed in directly!”

Saying that, the trio stood up and wanted to push the door to enter inside.

“Simply disrespectful to the extreme! What do you treat the restricted area of Blue Profound Sect as!” Cang Po Jun was agitated by their bold and disrespectful act as his expression was extremely gloomy, with the look as though he couldnt wait to rush up to stop them.

But before Cang Po Jun could take any action.

Just as Elder Qis hand touched the heavy hall door, they suddenly heard an icy cold harrumph coming from behind the door.

“How presumptuous——!”

A mellow, cold voice reverberated above the rear halls skies.

But when it rang in everyones ears, it seemed like a shockingly huge thunder which was booming right above their heads.

The voice was filled with might, so overpowering that it almost pierced through everyones ears.

Everyones face revealed an extremely shocked expression.

However, before anyone could take any action, Levitation Sword Palaces densely packed Sword Array was once again activated by this scoff and this time… it was much more intense than before by a hundred times!

It was like a rainbow as the swords qi gushed towards the skies, reflecting a strange bluish purple shade in Sky Emperor Citys skies.


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