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Chapter 1851: Unsurpassable peerless top exponent (3)

Because in his heart, a terrifying guess suddenly arose.

In Blue Profound Sect, ninth stage realm peak potential, thunder attributed… this was simply describing a certain someone.

That certain someone was the most terrifying and unsurpassable peerless top exponent in everyones hearts!!

Just at this moment, it seemed as though it had really verified his guess…..

Bursts of metal attributed chafing sound suddenly rang from the skies above Levitation Sword Palace as the ground beneath their feet also started to shake.

Ten thousand swords whined as it shot up into the clouds!

Elder Pans feet turned into jelly as he totally uncontrollably fell on his butt onto the ground, while his entire body started shaking non-stop.

Not only him, the other Elders also started to turn pale bearing a preoccupied look as the terror in their hearts were displayed in full view!

Overbearing and powerful Profound Energy pressure enveloped the entire Levitation Sword Palace.

The Elders present were all in ninth stage realm peak cultivations but under such pressure, all of them were shaking in fear and trepidation as they only had one single thought to kneel down and beg for mercy.

In the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, only one person had such overbearing and powerful, the only one unsurpassable strong exponent, Number One Sacred Lands Blue Profound Sects Sovereign – Mu Chengying!!

“Mu… Sovereign Mu….” Elder Pan spoke in a trembling tone, as his teeth were chattering non-stop.

“Rea…Really is… Sovereign Mu”

“Levitation Sword Palaces sword array in the air had been inherited for generations and only Blue Profound Sects Sovereign is able to activate it using an exclusive Profound Skill… Other than Sovereign Mu, no… no one else… can activate it…..”

“B..But, wasnt it said… said that Sovereign Mu had already….


The Elders finally found their voices but each and every one of their voices were shaking.

They exchanged glances mutually, with the hope to find proof that the sensation they felt earlier was just a hallucination.

But they only found deeper terror within their companions eyes!

Just how strong was Mu Chengying was something which no one was certain of but all those practitioners who had experienced the times when he had flourished fully all knew the extend of how ridiculously powerful he was.

Moreover he was overbearing and extremely defensive even though he knew the person was in the wrong so no one dared to challenge his authority!

All those who dared to offend him all died without any burial grounds!

If this really was Mu Chengying himself who came out from his closed door, then their trip today was no different from sending themselves to their death.

“So… Sovereign Mu… mer… mercy! I absolutely did not intentionally… want to offend you…..”

Someone within them was unable to take such tremendous pressure and started to lead as he plopped down onto the ground kneeling down to beg for mercy furiously.

When the others heard, they also reacted and all started to kneel down consecutively, as their voices rose in waves while kowtowing.

“Sov… Sovereign Mu….

Please show us mercy…..”

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, this really is a misunderstanding…..”

“Sovereign Mu, please be appeased…..”

The situation instantly reversed and the Elders from the Six Sacred Lands who were originally extremely arrogant had all turned into startled birds.

Not only had the flames from earlier disappeared totally, they also lowered their voices by several notches as low as they could.

The expressions on their faces seemed as though they had seen a living ghost, apparently they had been so shocked that their souls were about to fly away!

Cang Po Jun was also stunned momentarily and by the time he regained his senses, the entire ground was full of people who had knelt down in front of him.

This kind of scenario seemed as though it was sixteen years ago, when Mu Chengying was still in his peak!

However, Cang Po Jun didnt feel complacent because of this.

In actual fact, he was feeling as shocked and surprised in his heart, which was no lesser than these Elders!

He didnt understand what was going on.

Why… was Levitation Sword Palaces Sword Array suddenly activated


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