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Chapter 1849: Unsurpassable peerless top exponent (1)

The crowds voices were discussing this softly, self assuming that they had finally found out the truth with regards to this matter.

When Cang Po Jun heard their talk, he was completely dumbstruck…..

Of course he knew what had happened exactly and that Huang Yueli was obviously sprouting rubbish because the person who murdered the other party was his Sovereign!

But after this kind of illogical reasoning, it was actually summed up by her! Now that this pot was thrown out perfectly by her, not only did Blue Profound Sect not need to take on the responsibility, they even became the victim!

Wasnt this a little too miraculous How on earth did she manage to do this

Cang Po Juns lips twitched, not knowing how to react.

“Guardian Jun, Guardian Jun!!” The young lady suppressed her voice as she called out to him several times.

Cang Po Jun then regained his senses, “Ughh, Bai….

Young Miss Bai”

Huang Yueli gave a few light coughs, “Since this matter has nothing to do with Blue Profound Sect, then its time to send off the guests right! So many top experts staying in our Sect like this, it will disrupt the ordinary disciples from their cultivations!”

“Oh, right, right!” Cang Po Jun acknowledged as he lifted his head and spoke with a prim and proper tone towards those few Elders, “Everyone, the truth is now out, Elder Lengs death has nothing to do with our Sects disciples.

On account of the long years of relationship that the Seven Sacred Lands shared, This Guardian shall not pursue after the face that you all have offended our Sect today, see the guests out!”

He waved his hand and wanted to chase them away.

The Elders were all dazed as they exchanged glances with one another, not knowing what they should do.

By right, the reason they found for coming today was to help Elder Leng reclaim some fairness but now that it had been verified that this matter was not related to Li Moying, naturally they should apologize and immediately leave.

But Elder Leng was merely an excuse for them to come knocking on their doors!

Now that they had not achieved their aim, how could they possibly leave like this

All the way until the very end, they still had not managed to probe if Mu Chengying was alive or dead!

If they went back in this state, they would have to suffer the consequences! It was rare for the Six Sacred Lands to cooperate and they actually returned back empty handed.

In future there would probably not be able to work together in such a large scale action, nor were they able to find out any inside information in Blue Profound Sect…..

Few Elders feet refused to nudge, but they werent able to find out a reason to stay on.

Cang Po Jun urged, “Everyone… what do you mean by this Do you treat Blue Profound Sect as your own Sects, and that you can keep staying here and not leave”

Everyone exchanged glances again and finally it was Elder Pan who stood out again.

“Guardian Jun, todays matter is indeed our fault for mistaking Young Master Li, offending your Sect.

Since this is the case, we shall personally apologize to Sovereign.

Otherwise if we just leave like this, it will reflect on our ill mannerism!”

“Thats right, we have to apologize to Sovereign Mu!”

“Right, its better to invite Sovereign Mu to come meet us!”

When Cang Po Jun heard that, the anger on his face could no longer be concealed!

He had already said things to this state and yet these people still stuck on around refusing to leave!

“Elders, Sovereign Mu has been behind closed door seclusion for many years and it is not possible for him to come out just because of a small matter like this.

We will not haggle with all of you over this as well so will you all please make a move!”

Elder Pans old face revealed a rogue smile, “Then Im so sorry, Guardian Jun.

We are here to pay our respects to Sovereign Mu, and not to visit you.

If we dont get to meet Sovereign Mu today, we will not leave!”

“You… you all…..!”

Cang Po Juns face changed colours abruptly.

These people had obviously shown that they dont even want their faces anymore!


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