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Chapter 1840: Full of loopholes (5)

He suddenly recalled that Elder Pan was Sky Emperor Citys famous lecher, dirty old man!

If Huang Yueli really fell into the hands of these people and suffered from any injuries or violation, Sovereign would be extremely furious!

Cang Po Jun didnt know why Huang Yueli had to run over to create more trouble!

He blocked himself in front of Huang Yueli now so that she could gain some time for herself.

If these top exponents were bent on catching her, he was unable to go up against them just based on his own effort.

Cang Po Jun was burning with anxiety but Huang Yueli wasnt the least alarmed at all.

These people didnt recognize her but she was able to recognise at least half of them because in her past life, she had some dealings with various large powerhouses Elders.

Her feet didnt move and she stood behind Cang Po Jun, blinking her large eyes curiously.

“Whats the matter From these few Seniors meaning….

Youre all here for Moying”

Elder Pans sight drifted wantonly around her delicate, pretty face as he gave a wretched laugh, “Young Miss Bai, what you said is indeed correct.

Li Moying killed Leng familys Elder and stirred an uproar among the masses! Its only right to pay with ones life for murder and today with so many top exponents here, hes a goner for sure! But if youre willing to help him redeem his sins, we can also consider letting him die a less painful death, heh heh…..”

“Elder Pan, what do you mean by that Do you really think that everyone is dead in Blue Profound Sect”

Cang Po Juns expression changed abruptly when he heard that!

Li Moyings temper, allowed others to insult himself, but if it was insulting Huang Yueli, that could not be done!

If Elder Pans words were to be heard by Li Moying, it was highly possible that Li Moying would take action against him regardless of the consequence!

However, based on Li Moyings current ability, dealing with an Elder Pan was already barely manageable, not to mention that Elder Pan had so many other helpers… this matter, how could it be reconciled

Moreover, as Li Moyings subordinate, his Mistress being insulted was akin to a heavy slap on his face.

Huang Yuelis expression turned a little ugly but she didnt throw a temper, instead she was all smiles as she opened her mouth.

“In this case, the few of you are really here because of Li Moying! Ive never expected that Blue Profound Sects face to be that big! Hes merely a direct disciple but able to attract so many large powerhouses Elders to come pay him a visit.

Looks like Blue Profound Sects direct disciples status in Sky Emperor City is getting higher and higher…..”

The few Elders present originally were beaming with high spirits.

But on hearing Huang Yuelis words, they immediately became embarrassed.

Huang Yuelis meaning was evident, meaning they were shameless enough to come right here just over a small matter.

But according to the way she put it, it sounded as though so many powerhouses Elders, all added together, were around the same as Li Moyings Blue Profound Sects direct disciple status!

“You… wretched lass, what do you mean! What status do we have, how could it be possible that were all here because of Li Moying Were willing to come to Blue Profound Sect, just because….” Someone couldnt stand it and almost revealed the truth directly.

Elder Pan quickly coughed slightly interrupting him, “Cough cough, Elder Zheng! Theres no need to entertain their gibberish, wed better hurry on to settle our proper business!”

“Oh, right, right!” Elder Zheng hastily hushed, as he wiped off the sweat on his head awkwardly.

But the other Elders all gave a shocked and surprised gaze towards Huang Yueli.


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