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Chapter 1781: Successful candidate (1)

Luo Jiyuns face was stunned as he didnt think that this would be the reason as he almost had a slip of the tongue.

Luckily after Huang Yueli gave him a stare, he immediately reacted in time and swallowed back the words which he should not have spoken out.

“So its this case… but isnt Sovereign still in closed door cultivation And he doesnt have any intention to take in disciples Isnt Senior Brother Feng thinking too much”

Huang Yueli replied, “But in the eyes of outsiders, this isnt so.

Moying had been recruited personally by Guardian Jun into Blue Profound Sect and stayed directly in Levitation Sword Palace.

Even the people close to him like you and me have become direct disciples.

This is something which was unprecedented ! Moreover speaking, Moyings innate talent is so high and it is very difficult to find another person like him in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent.

According to logic, Sovereign had recruited him into Blue Profound Sect, must be because he wanted to guide him personally.”

Luo Jiyun had no choice but to admit that what Huang Yueli said was right.

“But what is Senior Brother Feng anxious about What does this have to do with him”

“Of course its related!” Huang Yueli casted him a gaze and explained, “According to Blue Profound Sects tradition, every Sovereign could only take in one disciple and this disciple is the only candidate who will succeed the position of the future Sovereign so he naturally feels that he has prospects.

In the end, a genius like Moying suddenly appeared now…..”

“Ah…..” Luo Jiyun then revealed an enlightened look.

Huang Yueli continued, “So, Feng Zhehao wanted to take the opportunity while Moying wasnt familiar with the situation to show him a display of severity or at least win him this once! It was rumoured that Sovereign has high expectations and if he knew that Moying had lost, perhaps he might despise the fact that he was embarrassed and would not take him in immediately, but to test him for several more years before doing so.”

Luo Jiyun frowned, “Whats the meaning in that It is impossible for Sovereign to take Senior Brother Feng as a disciple eventually as well!”

“This is calledSince I cant have my cake, neither shall you!! He just wanted to obstruct Moying only…..”

“This… how could there be such a senseless person!” Luo Jiyun cried out in indignance.

Huang Yueli swept him a glance, “Ive told you this long ago.

In the pursuit of cultivation peak, there would be various kinds of villains who want to harm you! Like the innocent you, after being betrayed and still willing to count the money for those who betrayed you, how would that do You should at least gain some insight on this.”

“Yes, Lil Sister-in-law is right!” Luo Jiyun nodded as he accepted the lecture and suddenly broke out into laughter, “But, Senior Brother Feng has kicked the iron panel this time round! In his wildest dreams, he must have not ever dreamt that a thing like this would even happen!”

Huang Yueli also laughed, “Isnt that right! Actually Feng Zhehaos innate talent isnt too bad but he just thought too highly of himself and cant bear to see anyone doing better than himself! Many talents have this problem so we must take this opportunity to rectify this.”

Pang Yihao had not walked too far away and heard the duos intermittent idle chat.

The more he heard the more stunned he was.

Originally he had thought that Huang Yueli was still so young and usually she was so low keyed so her innate talent must be very ordinary and the reason she had gained Li Moyings attention was because she was young and beautiful.

Whoever knew that hearing what she said earlier, she actually saw through Feng Zhehaos plot easily.

What made him more astonished was that she came to Blue Profound Sect not too long ago but she already grasped the Sects various regulations and each disciples situation at the back of her palm.

Just a simple sentence was dead spot on.

As though there wasnt anything that she didnt know.


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