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Chapter 1778: Winner of Cloud Mounting Chart (4)

Ever since that South Sky Regions peerless genius Li Moying arrived at Blue Profound Sect, the entire situation changed completely.

He was no longer the number one genius who was adored by the masses!

The party whom everyone exclaimed in admiration had changed to Li Moying! They even said that his innate talent surpassed that years Mu Chengying and he was the one with the most hope to become the Number One top expert in Soaring Heavens Continent, to helm Blue Profound Sect!

Feng Zhehao had always been proud and arrogant so how would he easily admit that there was someone who was stronger than him by that much! How was he able to endure the fact that his esteemed position had been stolen away from him in just one day

So in this period of time, he had been spending all his time to cultivate hard just so that he was able to breakthrough his own limit during the Sky Ascension Stairs assessment to create an unsurpassable record, completely crushing Li Moying just to show everyone who was Blue Profound Sects Number One genius!

Moreover, Feng Zhehao felt that his chances of victory were huge.

After all Li Moying had just arrived from South Sky Region and he probably hadnt practiced high grade cultivation methods or Profound Skills so even if his innate talent was indeed shocking, but in terms of actual combat ability, he might not match up to those Blue Profound Sects veteran direct disciples.

In the end, the direct disciples assessment had yet to start and Feng Zhehao had already heard so many idle gossip around and adding on to the fact that he was despised by Li Moyings fiancée, it made him grew even more melancholic as he got even more anxious to have a duel with Li Moying.

“Shut up! Who dares to sprout nonsense in front of me!”

Feng Zhehao suddenly shouted out harshly and the surrounding practitioners all shut their mouths.

He crossed his arms and surveyed the increasing bystanders as his eighth stage realm top exponents aura naturally revealed, making those practitioners who were sprouting nonsense hang their heads low due to guilt.

“I havent even had an official match with Junior Brother Li and youve already deemed that I cannot win him Whos stronger and whos weak isnt debatable just by your presumptuous comments, but depending on actual ability!”

Saying that he turned towards Huang Yueli, “Junior Sister Bai, please convey the message to Junior Brother Li that I, Feng Zhehao, is initiating a battle invitation to him, asking him that it is a must to take part in the Sky Ascension Stairs tomorrow.

All the disciples in Blue Profound Sect will be our witness and we shall have a showdown!”

His words were said openly and candidly, neither servile nor overbearing which made the practitioners present cheer out.

“Right, Senior Brother Feng is right! Sky Ascension Stairs assessment is the fairest and since Senior Brother Li is so talented, becoming the Number One in Cloud Mounting Chart should be an easy matter right”

“Thats hard to say, after all Senior Brother Feng is more experienced!”

“Anyway, an open fight is the best method.

I really want to experience the legendary genius who was rumoured to be much more outstanding when Sovereign was young, just how much stronger is he!”

Everyone looked at Huang Yueli, waiting for her to run back to convey the message.

Whoever knew that Huang Yueli just took an indifferent look at Feng Zhehao and slowly shook her head.

“My apologies, Senior Brother Feng, Ive just told Senior Brother Pang earlier that Moying is recently in closed door cultivation and doesnt have the intention to take part in the Sky Ascension Stairs.”

“What Hes actually not taking part”

“How could that be possible Such an important assessment, why isnt he taking part”

“Even if he doesnt lack that little bit of reward, but Cloud Mounting Charts rank is a representation of a top exponents reputation and didnt those peerless geniuses care most about their reputations”

“Could it be that Senior Brother Feng had guessed it correctly Senior Brother Li only has cultivation but his actual combat ability is very weak and hes afraid to take part in the assessment which couldnt match up to those older disciples hence he doesnt dare to attend”

Feng Zhehaos first thought was that Li Moying didnt dare to come.


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