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Chapter 1774: Sky Ascension Stairs (4)

Fair fatty smiled and said, “How could that be possible When its your turn for an assessment, you will be given a piece of token.

If you are willing to end the assessment yourself, just pinch the token into pieces and you will instantly be transported to the foot of the mountain without any harm.

Those practitioners who have fallen down the cliff are because they wanted to obtain a higher ranking and break through their limit so they took the risk to continue climbing which was why they lost their footing and fell.”

Hearing that, Luo Jiyun then came around it.

But he wasnt feeling appeased at all, instead he became even more uptight.

Every year there would be hundreds of practitioners who paid the price with their lives just to break their own limits.

This aspect explained everything, in Blue Profound Sect where the competition between disciples was so intense, which one of these practitioners who were able to join the Number One Sacred Lands wasnt a peerless talent from their original powerhouse

But when they all came to Blue Profound Sect where so many talents were gathered, their innate talents appeared even more ordinary so in order to obtain even better cultivation resources, they gambled their lives for it!

Facing so many talents who were trying their best, could he….

really distinguish himself

Huang Yueli saw his extreme uneasiness as she opened her mouth to comfort him, “No need to be overly anxious, just try your best.”

Fatty heard her exceptionally sweet voice and turned his gaze towards the direction of the sound and it was then when he realised that the two who were standing beside him were also dressed in a direct disciple uniform.

Blue Profound Sects direct disciples were chosen to be one in ten thousand people and that wasnt a mere exaggeration.

The number of practitioners who could obtain the position of direct disciple could be counted with ones finger and every new direct disciple who appeared would attract the entire Sects attention.

Fatty saw their dressing and combined it with Huang Yuelis age and looks, he immediately guessed her identity.

“So… this young lady must be Bai Ruoli, Young Miss Bai Fifteen to sixteen year old direct disciple, youre the only one in the who with this status!”

Huang Yueli smiled as she nodded her head, “I am, may I ask for Senior Brothers name.”

Fatty chuckled heartily, “Im called Pang Yihao but many of them call me Fatty Senior Brother so you can just call me that.” He waved his hand expansively and turned towards Luo Jiyun, “Since this person here is Young Miss Bai, then could this be….”

Luo Jiyun understood his hint and hurriedly waved his hand.

“No, no, no, Im not! Youre looking for me Eldest Senior Brother right Hes not here today!”

Pang Yihao laughed, “I wanted to ask if youre Junior Brother Luo Jiyun, who did you think I wanted to say you were Of course I know youre not Senior Brother Li, his fame has spread through the entire Sky Emperor City and his reputation is extremely impressive! Its rumoured that his innate talent is at ninth grade upper level and he had met with many fortuitous meetings but he had just broken through to ninth stage realm at twenty over years old! Moreover his looks were extremely handsome and the number of young ladies who fell under his long robe were plenty….

it didnt look like you fit the description!”

“Ughh, haha, looks like Ive thought too much.

Thats right, Im Luo Jiyun, my pleasure to meet Senior Brother Pang!” Luo Jiyun gave an embarrassed smile as he cupped his fists into the other to show his respect.

Huang Yueli couldnt help but curl her lips, feeling that this Fatty Senior Brother was rather interesting.

Moreover, she also noticed that Pang Yihaos age wasnt very old and although he had a carefree personality, his cultivation really wasnt bad at all.

Twenty over years of age and had reached the sixth stage realm peak, just a step away from seventh stage realm.

This kind of innate talent, even in Blue Profound Sect, had reached the standard of a first rated talent.

The three of them were acquainted and Pang Yihao asked in curiosity, “Both, Id like to ask a presumptuous question, will Senior Brother Li come to take part in the assessment tomorrow”


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