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Chapter 1744: Who exactly are you (7)

The minute anyone discovered to have this kind of action, it would absolutely result in instant defeat and fall from grace.

Now this young lass actually didnt learn the proper things at a young age and falsified the claim to another persons results.

Moreover the person whom she laid claim to was his most respected Master!

This was something which Ye Xing Hua wasnt able to accept!

Ye Xing Huas face had turned totally red and was extremely disappointed with this young lady, with the intention to kick her out.

But just as this moment, Huang Yueli spoke out again.

“Xing Hua, in the past I thought you were rather slow, but Ive not expect that after a decade had passed, your eyesight has become much more precise! You actually could tell that Ive been reborn!”

Ye Xing Huas infuriated expression was fixed on his face and he stood stiffly on the spot.

His first reaction was that he had developed a hallucination.

“W… What”

Huang Yueli walked over slowly until she was barely one meter away from him and stopped as her lips curled into a mischievous smile.

“Little Star, youve already seen my exclusive armament refining skill yet still dont know who I am Tsk tsk, to think that Ive wasted so much effort on your few disciples but in the end, all of you failed to live up to my expectations! In that case, did anyone else manage to grasp it Other than myself, who else is able to execute this skill”



Ye Xing Hua looked like he was about to faint!

This couldnt blame him for being discomposed.

After all, a person who was dead for many years suddenly popped out to say that she was still living, moreover changed entirely to a different person.

If there wasnt someone intentionally pretending to be a ghost, then it meant that….

he really met a living ghost!

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Why Still dont believe me Then how about this, since you have the armament furnace and armament refining materials all here, how about I exhibit the other exclusive skills to you Feel free to list a few to test me!”

Ye Xing Hua trembled as he kept on muttering, “Impossible….


“This cant do Then do you need me to speak about those little secrets that I know about For example the first time you issued me a challenge, it was a private agreement and I said if you want to challenge me, it can be done but there must be stakes involved.

If you lost, then youd have to run over to Splendid Violet Heavenly Palaces to steal Palace Lords Young Miss undergarment.

Later on you really lost and could only go steal that undergarment.

Unfortunately that Young Miss Luo happened to return at that exact timing and you had to bumped into her.

If it wasnt for me who came to your rescue, youd probably have been chopped into minced meat and thrown into their rear garden to become fertilizer!”

“You… you….

who exactly are you”

Hearing this, Ye Xing Huas eyeballs almost popped out!

Because this matter was really something which only he and Huang Yueli knew about!

He was merely twenty over year old then and had been a disciplined young man, conscientiously doing work and had an introverted character.

Other than armament refining, he basically didnt bother about any other matters so naturally… he had never done anything out of bounds.

He had not expected that the very first time he issued a challenge because he wasnt convinced, he lost and that was already very hurtful to his pride.

In the end he had even been schemed against and was embroiled in one terribly.

He was eventually caught on the spot and had spent an enormous effort before he was able to escape successfully.

This matter was something which he could not possibly forget for his entire life!

But after so many years, other than Huang Yueli herself, there was absolutely no one who would know about this!

Thinking of this, Ye Xing Huas heart started to beat so fast that his heart almost jumped right out from his throat.


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