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Chapter 1716: Who do you think you are (2)

She was still jabbering on and on, “Even if it was Grandmaster Huang that year, it was only when she was fifteen years old when she had successfully been certified to be a fifth rank Armament Master! Shes the only one in Soaring Heavens Continent to have accomplished this achievement in the past ten thousand years! You are just a young lass from South Sky Region and not even an Armament Master and you dare to boast like this This is really a joke!”

The young lady shrieked out loudly without any restraint on her volume.

Hence many peoples attention around there were attracted by it, especially when they heard the few words “certified to be a fifth rank Armament Master” which made many of them turned their heads back.

Although todays certification assessment was open to all grades of Armament Masters, but most of them were here to take part in the low ranked Armament Master certification.

Although the certification standard in the Headquarters was stricter than the other branches, but there were plenty of large powerhouses in Sky Emperor City who nurtured Armament Masters.

Just for the sake of getting a certification simply by going to be certified in the four sky regions to smuggle a pass, that was an embarrassing thing to do and no one would have the nerve to do such a thing.

No matter how difficult the headquarters certification was, they would welcome the difficulties.

Now, those who had gathered in the reception hall were mainly this group of people.

They were the most outstanding armament refining geniuses among various large powerhouses and their ages were commonly below twenty five years and below, ranks between first to third.

To be frank, to be able to complete the third rank certification below twenty five years of age was already considered to be a genius.

There were many young men here who came forward to take part in the fourth rank certification and that was absolutely someone that a first rate large powerhouse could nurture.

In those geniuses ears,fifth rank was an extremely sensitive term.

Hearing that young ladys scream, many of them gazes over in astonishment.

“Whats the current situation Why is Young lady Xia talking about fifth rank Who wants to take part in the fifth rank certification”

“Dont know Surely it cant be that young lass standing in front of Young lady Xia right She looks a little too young She should be at most fifteen or sixteen years old”

“Absolutely cant be her! Sky Emperor Citys armament refining geniuses are just those few and we all know at least one or two of them, who has seen that young beauty before Succession of teachings from a master to an armament refining disciple is very important and she hasnt been under any famous Master so how could she possibly appear right out from thin air”

“Thats true too.

Shes not even wearing any Armament Masters badge so shes probably still an apprentice”

“Must be, shes definitely an apprentice! Earlier we must have heard wrongly! But at her age, if shes able to pass through the Headquarters first rank certification, shes considered to be a genius as well, worthy for us to take notice of…..

Everyones gazes followed closely but Huang Yuelis expression remained unchanged.

“Whatever rank I wish to register for is my own business, you just need to help me inform me.”

Young lady sneered, “How ridiculous! The Elders in our Armament Guild Headquarters are very busy everyday so where would they find the time to entertain such boring people! To be certified for a fifth rank Armament Master, youd need at least the fourth rank Armament Master badge, do you have it I think you dont even have a first rank…..”

Her saliva was splashing everywhere while she was talking when suddenly she seemed as though she was struck by lightning as her eyes popped out, staring blankly in front.


you… whats that”

Huang Yueli slowly took a piece of fourth rank Armament Masters badge from her pocket and carefully pinned it in front of her chest.

Furthermore as a perfectionist, in order to make the badge appear even more aesthetically beautiful, she adjusted it for quite some time.

By the time she finally lifted her head in satisfaction, the surrounding people were all completely mortified.







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