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Chapter 1713: Armament Guild Headquarters (5)

She had not expected that Li Moying had just entered the city not too long ago and already had so many young ladies who were secretly in love with him

With such a ladys man who attracted the bees and butterflies to him, it really made one unable to be low keyed even if she wanted to…..

To tell the truth, what Huang Yueli had not expected was the commotion which they made at the entrance of Sky Emperor Citys city gates was simply too huge!

So many of Sky Emperor Citys large forces all blocked Li Moying and there were even two of the Seven Sacred Lands appearing.

The spokesperson from Blue Profound Sect was even Cang Po Jun who headed over to personally welcome them.

This image was just to receive a young practitioner who had just arrived from South Sky Region to Sky Emperor City!

This kind of matter didnt need half a day before the news spread around the entire Sky Emperor City.

Furthermore, any idiot at this point in time all knew that Li Moyings innate talent was definitely abnormal.

In the past those powerhouses who didnt know about him, after that day, would all investigate Li Moyings past experience in the South Sky Region clearly.

It didnt take a few days before Li Moying breaking through to the ninth stage realm when he was just twenty one years old, had become a news which everyone in Sky Emperor City knew about.

Of course, other than the news related to his innate talent, there were many who said that he was also a good man who adored his fiancée greatly.

Powerful, good looking, young, sentimental… all these made Li Moying become many young ladies dream lover in Sky Emperor City.

Whereas his fiancée….

Had become a thorn in everyones flesh.

Although Huang Yueli was initially dazed, but the cause and effect of this matter was entirely not complicated so just pondering over it slightly made her understand it immediately.

Everyones turned their envious and jealous gazes onto her but there was no reaction from her at all.

Anyway she was already used to this sort of matter in the past!

However, the others werent as calm as she was and after observing her for a moment, they couldnt help but start discussing once again.

“Strange, why did this Bai Ruoli appear at this place, this is the Armament Guild Headquarters! Shes queuing up at the entrance, surely it cant be that shes here to take part in the Armament Master certification right”

“What How could this be possible Could she also be an Armament Master”

“From the looks of it, it should be right but why did she take on such a serious view to come over to Armament Guild Headquarters to do the certification”

“Thats right, just based on her young age and on the fact that she came from South Sky Region, no matter what, her rank shouldnt be above fourth rank right Armament Masters of fourth rank and below are able to obtain their certification in Sky Cloud City that sort of big city, why didnt she go there It was said that the Headquarters certification standard is much stricter by ten folds! Isnt she here just to make things difficult for herself”

“Who knows Perhaps its this young lasss first time entering the Armament Master assessment hence she doesnt know about all these at all!”

“Hahaha, what you said is highly likely possible! But shes already fifteen and just here to take part in the assessment for the first time.

This kind of trashy armament refining standard and she even dares to come to Sky Emperor City to make a living Isnt it all because she has the backing of a fiancée like Mister Li”

When Huang Yueli heard their voices, her forehead creased slightly.

Unfortunately before she was able to come out with any response, she heard the Armament Guild calling out for her number so she immediately turned around and walked in with quick steps.

“Quick, shes already gone! Lets hurry in and take a look, so see how shes going to embarrass herself later!”

“Right, lets go! Entering the entrance of the Armament Guild but cant even pass through the first rank certification.

If this matter leaked out, everyone would laugh their teeth off!”

Quite a number of young ladies took immediate action as they ran over to the Armament Guilds window to purchase a ticket.


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