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Chapter 1707: Reconciled (5)

Although his Liers culinary skills arent bad at all, but no one would be able to stand having to eat practically the same stuff for the entire month right

Moreover the main ingredient of this medicinal cuisine had an extremely fishy smell so even if it was Huang Yuelis culinary skills, it was unable to cover up that strange smell which assailed the nostrils.

When Huang Yueli heard what he said, she couldnt help as her lips twitched with a look as though she would break out into tears anytime.

“Why Why are you refusing to eat the medicinal cuisine which I cooked Are you despising me, and dont like me anymore Oh, I know, in the past everyone said that you hated Murong Fei for sticking on to you so you refused to take the medicinal cuisine which she prepared and now that its my turn, are you…..”

This huge hat locked down on him and Li Moying started to sweat profusely as he hurriedly shook his head to deny, “Dont misunderstand, dont misunderstand me! Lier, I love you, how could I possibly despise you I only really dont want to eat…”

Huang Yuelis pair of watery large eyes gazed towards him pitifully.

Every one of this young lasss gaze and expression were able to touch the softest part of his inner heart and even though he knew now that she was probably pretending, but towards this pair of pure and clear eyes, Li Moying just couldnt say out any words of rejection!

He stood in a daze for a moment and could only shake his head as he clenched his teeth hard, “Alright, Ill drink, Ill drink it all okay”

Hearing that, the pitiful little white rabbit immediately broke out into a beaming black bellied little fox, as she served the bowl of soul right up.

“Alright, then you have to drink it while its hot! This kind of medicinal cuisines effect is at its best when its taken hot.”

But when its hot, the fishy smell is also at its strongest point.

Li Moying silently murmured as he stretched out his arm to receive the bowl but he was still hesitant in swallowing it down.

Huang Yueli urged, “Why are you hesitating Your injuries are so heavy, isnt it all because you were pushing yourself too hard Now youre refusing to take the medicinal cuisine, are you intentionally trying to make me die of heartache”

Another large hat locked down on him.

No matter how mighty Sovereign was, he couldnt bear to make his fiancée suffer for even a little bit.

Other than admitting his downfall, Li Moying had no other path hence he lifted up his head and shut his eyes as he downed the bowl of medicinal cuisine in one gulp.

Finishing that, he immediately passed the bowl back to Huang Yueli in disdain and disgust as his thick, straight brows creased tightly together.

Looking at his tormented expression, not only did Huang Yueli not sympathise with him, she even laughed, “Is it really that horrible to drink Youve really wasted my kind efforts!”

Li Moying nodded his head consecutively, “Terrible, too terrible! Can I not drink this tomorrow”

Huang Yueli was all smiles as she said, “No way, of course not! Doctor Lu had said that its best to take a full course of eighty one days for this medicinal cuisine!”

Damn that Doctor Lu! Li Moying gnashed his teeth secretly.

Sometimes he was really suspicious if Huang Yueli had already seen through himself trying to scheme her, intentionally injuring himself to gain her confidence in order to mislead her, otherwise why would she trick him in such a way

But Huang Yueli didnt expose him hence he didnt dare to ask nor even probe on this.

He could only endure all kinds of ways which his Lier would occasionally try to trick him and at the same time, felt guilty about it.

Indeed, a person cant just casually lie or do any bad stuff, otherwise there was no doubt to have a guilty conscience!

Li Moying was forced by Huang Yueli to lay in bed to recuperate for over a month.

His internal and external injuries had basically recovered but the damage on his meridians could only be nursed through cultivation methods as the medicinal pills effect was limited.







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