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Whether he had his past lifes memories or not, only Li Moying himself was the clearest on this.

 However, he could not not do this.

 Whereas this young lass, was indeed….


 Huang Yueli was guilty to the max and was in no state of mind to consider this point in detail.

She felt that her heart was aching to the point that she almost couldnt breathe as her fingers subconsciously clutched Li Moyings shirt into a lump.

 “I beg you… please dont torture yourself in this way! I really dont want to know, really, really dont want to know, dont even want to know ever again! I only want you to be well!”

 “No… I….

I must…..”

 Li Moying shook his head insistently.

He had indeed sensed that his body had already reached the limit! This time round, he had wasted too much time and expended too much Profound Energy and he could possibly fall down anytime.

 But he must cut off Huang Yuelis thoughts of getting to the heart of the matter….

regardless of any price!

 But he couldnt hold on for long as well, because he was slowly losing control of his body…

 Li Moying stumbled and almost fell down.

Huang Yueli took the opportunity to pounce onto him and this time, she had finally managed to kiss his pale thin lips accurately.

 Li Moyings lips were icy cold, as though it had lost all life form.

 Huang Yueli used all her energy before she pried open his lips, sending her own breath into his mouth.

 Initially, Li Moying practically didnt move as though he had no more energy left to draw in her breath but under Huang Yuelis unyielding persistence, it took a little while more before his lips gradually became warm.

 After a period of time later, Li Moying started to kiss her back, and little by little, he turned from a guest into the host and finally at the very end, like the usual powerful and overbearing man who he was whenever they kissed, he grabbed hold of absolute initiative authority.

 Huang Yueli was initially terrified and worried.

Initially, as she was practically nibbling on the mans lips.

 It was until later when Li Moying had regained the initiative before she slowly sunk in, under the familiar overbearing mans breath, her conscious slowly turned hazy…..

 The two of them didnt notice that the surrounding rampaging thunder attributed energy had unknowingly resumed back to its peaceful state.

 Thunder regions energy gradually weakened until it totally disappeared.

 The sword array above Levitation Sword Palaces sky resumed its silent state, as it silently protected the palace below.

 Cang Po Jun and the others stood not too far away as they were dumbstruck as they stared at the duo who were tightly in an embrace kissing.

 Only Luo Jiyun stood by the side giving a dry laugh, “Hur hur, its just like this! See, in this way everything would be fine, so simple and so relaxed…..”

 Cang Po Huns mouth was opened so widely that it totally couldnt close up, “Ive really never imagined that, they are able…..

to control the illness in such a way Why”

 Luo Jiyun shook his head, “This Im not sure, even Divine Doctor Liu isnt able to give an explanation for this! Anyway, as long as we know Lil Sister-in-law can save Eldest Senior Brother will do!”

 Cang Po Hun still wanted to ask more but Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu exchanged glances and went up to stop him.

 “Alright, stop staring at Sovereign and Grandmaster Huang.

Later when Sovereign regains consciousness and sees you like this, beware that he will strike you!”

 Cang Po Hun shuddered as he hastily moved his eyes away.

 Cang Po Jun turned towards Luo Jiyun, “They are… ughh, going to be in this state for how long I think Sovereigns body is not going to hold on for much longer…..”

 He had yet to complete his sentence when he saw Li Moyings body shaking and he leaned forward and fell into Huang Yuelis arms.



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