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Other than being exceptionally good looking which would make any ladies who saw him going weak in the knee, there didnt seem any other exceptional part about him

 Could he really be more powerful than himself

 Wen Yikai silently decided that in future after Li Moying became his Junior Brother, he wouldtake good care of him, to let this fellow know just how deep the concrete details of Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace was, and that he wasnt the only genius there!

 Wen Yikai was planning these in his mind but by surprise, he suddenly heard Li Moyings cold and distant voice ringing from above his head.

 “Master Wen, I appreciate your Masters kind intentions but I have no interest to meet with him, please leave!”

 Wen Yikai went into a blank, “…..

what did you say!”

 He simply felt that he must have heard wrongly!

 Because this matter should absolutely not have happened!

 An Elder from one of the Seven Sacred Lands came here personally and even sent his beloved disciple under his wing to introduce themselves.

To any young men in Sky Emperor City, it was an utmost glory! Even if the recipient was a ninth grade talented genius, that person should regard it as an honour and immediately run over to fawn on them with jolting buttocks.

 Wen Yikai had not expected that there would be anyone who would reject the meeting!

 Li Moyings gaze brushed past Feng Bozhong and the others and he calmly replied, “Weve delayed our journey for quite some time and I understand all your intentions but Ive also made things very clear, I will not lean towards any of your forces.”

 When Wen Yikai heard what he said, he suddenly came to realise the truth.

 It really wasnt him having any hallucination but this so called peerless genius had water in his brain, otherwise he was really crazy!

 “Do you know what youre saying Did you think Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace can be compared to the Feng family, that kind of small powerhouse This is one of the Seven Sacred Lands! Do you know just how many Elders in the ninth stage realm do we Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace have How many ancient historical inheritances that we have How many exclusive cultivation resources”

 Wen Yikai raised his voice.

 He felt that if Li Moying didnt had any issue with his head, then he must be a country bumpkin who had just entered the city and wasnt sure of whats going on, to actually put Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace together on the same level as Feng family that kind of forces!

 However, even after he exhausted his shouting to advertise, Li Moying still wasnt moved at all as his brows rose, “So what about that”

 Wen Yikais eyes turned wide, “So what about that Do you know that is the opportunity which so many practitioners had dreamt of”

 Li Moying replied indifferently, “Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace is indeed extraordinary but it doesnt suit me.

I can only apologise as a reply!”

 Saying that, he held Huang Yuelis hand in his and calmly replied, “Goodbye” as he prepared to leave.

 Everyone had an extremely astonished gaze as they stared fixedly at his silhouette, watching as he carefully held his fiancée and brought her into his arms evading the crowd.

 No one dared to believe that Li Moying had really rejected the good intentions from Splendid Violet Heavenly Palace!

 Even though Guo Zhenqing was just standing not too far away, he did not even head over immediately to meet him!

 Wasnt this just a little too arrogant! Not even placing a ninth stage realm peak top practitioner, who did he thought he was What kind of status did Elder Guo had, for him to treat him with such disdain.

Under his rage, he might even just kill him with one strike!

 As expected, the crowds mind had just flashed by this thought when they saw Guo Zhenqings figure moving.

 A blurry bright silhouette flashed past and he immediately stopped Li Moying in his tracks.

 “Lad, youre indeed bold! Do you know who I am”

 Guo Zhenqings face was filled with wrinkles but his eyes were exceptionally bright with an imposing glint.


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