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Everyone present had more or less heard of the rumours of how much Li Moying pampered his fiancée.

 But no one had imagined that his feelings towards Huang Yueli had reached such a state!

 All the young ladies present turned their envious and jealous gazes towards Huang Yueli who was standing behind Li Moying with only one thought in their minds: Why is this woman so lucky! She could actually make a man like Li Moying to risk his all to protect her, not even bearing to let her suffer a little harm/

 Not to mention just how much love and adoration Li Moying had usually treated her.

Such an icy cold man to everyone else, was always showing her a gentle smile, which made any young lady who saw that wish that they could replace her.

 Huang Yuelis lips curled up, with no intention to hide the complacent smile on her face.

 No matter how much the other women liked her Moying, they had no chances at all.

This man had been contracted by her many, many years ago! Hehe~

 Li Moyings words had undoubtedly expressed his own stand, sentencing Murong Fei to death.

 Murong De looked at him in disbelief as his heart was infuriated to the max!

 From what he thought, if it wasnt for himself who saved Li Moying that year, no matter how talented he was, he would only be a dead corpse sooner or later.

 So Li Moyings achievements today were somehow linked to his credit and Li Moying should know when to repay the favour! How could he kill Murong Fei over a woman who appeared from god-knows-which-place

 But the ability which Li Moying had shown today was simply so strong that even Cui Yuan Shan was defeated easily.

Murong De naturally knew that he totally wasnt his match right now.

This disciple who had surpassed the master had grown strong wings and had totally separated himself from his control.

 However, Murong Fei was still screaming and struggling.

 Murong De loved his daughter very much and simply could not continue watching this as he couldnt help but spoke out again, “Li Moying! Are you really that heartless to totally ignore all the nurturing that Celestial Light Sect had done for you all these years Have you forgotten that when you were young and was pursued by killers, who was the one who saved you, and taught you to cultivate, supplying you with various resources”

 Saying that, he suddenly thought of something as he casted a vicious word, “If you insist on taking action on your Junior Sister, then you will no longer be Celestial Light Sects disciple!”

 Li Moyings gaze congealed slightly as he went silent for a moment and then continuing to speak out icily, “I have never forgotten Celestial Light Sects gratitude to me but for so many years, all that Ive done for Celestial Light Sect is already enough to return the favour! If it wasnt for me, Celestial Light Sect would probably not become South Sky Regions number one Sect today! So my relationship with Celestial Light Sect is considered settled! From today onwards, as what Sect Master Murong wishes, I and Celestial Light Sect….

will no longer have any relations!”

 “What did you say”

 Murong De looked at him with his mouth agape and tongue tied!

 When he said he was going to drive Li Moying out of the Sect earlier, it was merely a threat but whoever knew that Li Moying actually didnt hesitate at all and directly announced that he would cut off all relations with Celestial Light Sect!


what was he going to do about this

 Li Moying was Celestial Light Sects future hope!

 Now that he had already broken through to the ninth stage realm, it was the timing for Celestial Light Sect to fly into greater heights with him but now he just cut off relations with the Sect….

what was Celestial Light Sect going to do

 Murong De then realised just how stupid his threat was earlier.

 The situation now wasnt that Li Moying couldnt leave Celestial Light Sect, but it was Celestial Light Sect which needed him!


But since this sentence was out, there was no way that he could rescind it.


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