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On seeing Li Moyings cold expression with an unwavering emotion, she hurriedly looked towards Murong De.

 “Father, Father….

Quick save me, save me! As long as you say a word, Eldest Senior Brother will definitely listen to you! I….

I really have never harmed Eldest Senior Brother before!”

 Murong Fei had never felt such terror before.

 In actual fact, it wasnt only just her.

When everyone present took a look at Li Moying, their gazes were mixed in between shock and terror.

 Even a top exponent like Cui Yuan Shan had been defeated by him in just one move, not knowing if he was still alive or dead, just what….

What kind of ability was that And how conceited and overbearing he was!

 No matter how Murong Fei had offended Li Moying in the past, she knew that she had a backing behind her, knowing that he felt grateful towards Murong De for saving him and he wouldnt really kill her.

But today, not knowing why, Murong Fei had an unspeakable fear in her heart, somehow feeling that….

Li Moying seemed to have changed into someone else.

 Murong De was originally in a daze from the shock and upon hearing his eldest daughter screeching loudly, he regained his senses.

 He hurriedly blocked Mo Yi and turned his head towards Li Moying, “Moying, you… your abilities have advanced by leaps and bounds so suddenly, you must had some fortuitous meeting in the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region right, which is also considered as a blessing in disguise.

Your Junior Sister… she absolutely wouldnt intentionally do anything to harm you.

You should know that for so many years, she had always had feelings for you….

if she had offended you in any way, it definitely must be unintentional so on account of This Master, please let her off this time!”

 “Thats right, Eldest Senior Brother, Im wrong…..” Murong Fei apologised profusely.

 When Murong De opened his mouth, Murong Fei then somewhat felt assured.

 No matter what, for so many years, Li Moying had basically never rejected any of Murong Des requests and every time Murong Fei or Murong Ni had caused any trouble, he had also not bothered to haggle with them.

 But, this time…..

 Li Moyings icy cold gaze swept past Murong Feis face, “Let her off Impossible! Mo Yi, Mo Er, what are you still waiting for”

 Murong Des face turned white!

 He had not expected that he would be rejected so relentlessly right there.

 Usually in such public occasions, Li Moying would give utmost face to him and absolutely would not make things difficult for him.


your wings have grown tough so youre not even bothered about this Master of yours is it Murong Fei she is your Junior Sister! You two have been childhood friends since young and you have the nerve to be so unwilling to forgive her over a small misunderstanding Moreover speaking, the main person who harmed you is Li Lingchuan.

Feier was just being threatened so just capture Li Lingchuan away is more than enough!”

 Murong De was feeling extremely angry hence the words he said out were extremely harsh.

 He increased his tone, thinking of using the past attitude to coerce Li Moying to listen to him.

 However, when Li Moying heard that, his face was still filled with a cold expression as he opened his mouth and said, “Murong Fei had indeed not actively plotted against me but she almost killed Lier! If the person she dealt with was me, on Masters account, I might be able to forgive and forget but, she actually dared to harm Lier…..”

 Li Moyings murderous intent in his eyes sparkled as his voice turned increasingly chilly, “Liers life… is several thousand times more important than mine! I had once made a solemn oath that if anyone dared to harm even one strand of hair of Liers, I will make them continue living which is way much worse than dying! With no chance to ever get up again!”

 His cold voice drifted all over the public square and everyones face bore an extremely shocked expression.



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