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A talented lady admiring him wasnt some devaluing matter as others would only feel that it was very common!

 But now, she had changed faces overnight which made her image which she had pain-stakingly built up over the years collapsed instantly!

 So, Murong Fei wasnt some aloof fairy but such a sinister and treacherous woman on the inside!

 Never mind that she was so malicious, but she was still that dumb to admit whatever bad things she had done, simply retarded to the stage where no one could bear to look at her straight!

 Moreover, she assumed that Li Moying was dead and was just about to marry Li Lingchuan but now that she saw Li Moying appearing once again, she immediately tried to turn back, without any aspect of a womans virtuousness.

 This action made anyone who saw it, wanted to berate her as shameless!

 Henceforth, Murong Feis image was completely ruined!

 Murong Fei actually realised that swiftly but since she could rescind the words which she had said, and upon hearing the crowds whispering in the public square, sensing the disdainful gazes from the audience, her eyes blacked out and she almost fainted on the spot!

 She could not understand why was it that she could be so retarded to such an extent for that instant!

 Li Moying however was very clear what his own fiancée had been up to.

 Earlier when Huang Yueli extended her Piercing Sky Eye Technique, he clearly sensed her Profound Energy fluctuations hence he clearly understood her plan right from the start.

 His Lier had intentionally agitated Murong Fei and after she had infuriated her to the max limit, she chose a suitable timing to use her eye technique to mess up her rationality, making her say out the words in her mind! She had dug a hole to bury herself in it!

 Li Moying lowered his head and looked at Huang Yueli and coincidentally Huang Yueli also turned over to look at him.

 The two of them exchanged glances and Huang Yueli smiled sweetly.

That crafty and black-bellied look made Li Moying feel emotionally affected.

 If it wasnt for the fact that the occasion wasnt suitable, he really wanted to hug and kiss her.

 These two were full of tender feelings for each other as it blinded Luo Jiyun and the bunch of Shadow Guards dog eyes, as they all started to cough lightly while they turned their heads away.

 Everything was good about following these two Masters but the only thing was the minute they had a disagreement they would torture the dogs, simply had no consideration for others at all! This made them singles feel so embarrassed!

 On one hand, while this side was engaged in uninterrupted affection, on the other hand, Murong Feis matter wasnt considered completed yet.

 She had blurted out the words in her heart, damaging not only the fall of her own image, but it was equivalent to confessing to everyone about herself, Li Lingchuan and the others colluding together which also caused Murong De, who had been taking her side, to ruin his reputation totally.

 Li Lingchuan was so angry that his face turned green while he cried out sharply, “Murong Fei, youre simply spouting nonsense! Do you know what youre saying I really didnt expect that youre such a shameless, vicious and wanton woman, Ive really seen you wrongly! I thought that you had unintentionally seen Sister-in-law falling down the cliff and wasnt able to pull on to her in time! Id not expected that it was really you who pushed her down! Youve even deceived me! You… youre simply too venomous!”

 Li Lingchuan was simply going to cry dumb by this woman!

 On seeing her reputation completely ruined in a quarter of an hour, Li Lingchuan made a decisive decision to push all the blame onto Murong Fei immediately as he tried his best to pull himself out of it.

 It was impossible for him to be dragged down by this kind of brainless woman!

 However Li Lingchuan was hasty in choosing a way out, only remembering to whitewash himself but he had forgotten that he and Murong Fei were on the same boat.

Murong Fei had a handle on him!


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