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At the present moment in the Celestial Light Sect.

 The entire Sects entrance was filled with lights as it was bustling with excitement.

 Li Lingchuan and Murong Fei each wore a set of official court dress as they stood at the front of Celestial Light Sects main entrance, welcoming various guests who came over to visit from many different large Sects.

 Today, to Celestial Light Sect, was an extremely important day, and was the start of a brand new beginning.

 Because today was the day where Li Lingchuan would be officially designated as Celestial Light Sects new Young Sect Master, and also the day when he got officially engaged to Murong Fei!

 This was the day when Li Lingchuan felt flushed with success.

 He dressed up in his best attire and he was high spirited as he stood at the front of the mountain entrance, filled with great aspiration.

 Almost all those large powerhouses within South Sky Region had all received Celestial Light Sects invitation card, inviting them to witness the birth of their new Young Sect Master.

 Those guests were headed over as spectators were full of praises and congratulations when they saw Li Lingchuan, almost sending him to heaven!

 “Mister Li… aiyoh, wrong, its Young Sect Master Li! Congratulations, congratulations! I knew long ago that you have a fortunate life ahead and your innate talent is the top within South Sky Region so youd definitely come out with big achievements in future! Within such a short time, youve already become the Young Sect Master!”

 “Isnt that so Mister Li is South Sky Regions first class super genius and whats rarer is that his moral standing, courage and insight are all first rated too.

Ive always felt that its a waste of talent for Young Sect Master Li to only be a direct disciple.

Only the position of Young Sect Master is worthy of you! Indeed, youve finally become Celestial Light Sects Young Sect Master eventually!”

 “Sect Master Murong has great insight, to be able to tell that Young Sect Master Lis ability and character are excellent, and hes able to take on huge responsibility! Not only had he passed on the position of Young Sect Master to you, hes also married his eldest daughter to you as well! Eldest Miss Murong is the number one beauty among our South Sky Region, the number one talented young lady! Even she fancies Young Sect Master Li, its obvious what kind of potential and person Young Sect Master is!”

 “Congratulations to Young Sect Master Li for the double happiness!”

 “Thats right, double happiness! Congratulations!”

 Peals of praise kept on coming, making Li Lingchuan extremely comfortable as he was elated.

 Especially when he recalled the first time when Li Moying had been designated to be the Young Sect Master, although the guests were much more than now, but most of them had a gloomy look as they came and went by quickly, totally not flattering Li Moying at all.

 Li Lingchuan naturally assumed that under this comparison, of course he Li Lingchuans character had gained the approval of everyone! His potential… apparently wasnt any worse off than Li Moying!

 Of course, there was no way that he would find out that the reason as to why those guests didnt flatter Li Moying, one of it was because Li Moyings character was just too cold and no one dared to be rash in front of him.

 Another reason was because Li Moyings innate talent was just too abnormal! The minute many presidents from those powerhouses thought of the fact that for the next several hundreds or even thousands of years, they would be suppressed by that demonic grade genius over their heads and that their own Sects would never be able to be known to the world, how would their feelings….

Possibly get lifted up! Some of them couldnt even be bothered to come out with polite words.

 In comparison, Li Lingchuan wasnt much of a threat in various powerhouses eyes.

 To the extent that, in front of a gem like Li Moying only made him especially useless, no different from a dumbass.

 But unfortunately, this dumbass was still immensely pleased with himself.

 As everyone found him laughable, so they wouldnt be stingy with a few words of flattering.

 Since nice words dont require any money so they could ridicule him all they wanted behind his back and Li Lingchuan would never find out!



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