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Huang Yuelis fingers touched her chin as she said seemingly in thoughts, “In this way, my luck isnt that bad at all! Luckily it wasnt a wasted effort for me to bring it out even though it almost killed me.”

 Speaking of that, the Sky Phoenix Ring was a treasure which she obtained when she cooperated with Mu Chengying together on experience learning for the very first time.

 They were both in seventh stage realm then and it took quite an huge effort to get this treasure into her hands but in the end, it was just fragments and totally could not be used, so it was extremely disappointing for her.

 Whoever knew that many years later, Huang Yueli had actually died because of it, whereas this dusty treasure had been restored because of that

 Li Moying apparently thought of the past as a faint smile appeared on his lips.

 But following that, his expression sunk again.

 If it wasnt for the Sky Phoenix Ring, he and Huang Yueli would have been separated for so many years… to tell the truth this thing wasnt very auspicious.

 However, as this treasure had an extremely high levelled existence among the God Relics, perhaps it might be hiding some secret…..

 But these were merely his guesses as Li Moying didnt voice these out.

 After Huang Yueli kept away all the treasures in Qilin tablet, she turned back to say to the man beside her, “Lets go, its time for us to leave! Celestial Light Sects people all probably thought youre already dead and if they see us appearing, just how shocked would they be! I cant wait to go back and take care of those few pieces of trash!”

 Li Moying shook his head, “Wait a minute, theres one more thing…..”

 “What thing” Huang Yueli blinked as she had a puzzled look on her face.

 Li Moying continued, “Previously when we were trapped in Violet Sun Valley, we dont know what happened in the exterior boundary of the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region but now, I should be able to sense everything thats happening in the mystic region….it seems that someone has stayed behind in the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region and had not left!”

 Huang Yueli went into a pause, “What Could it be that theres someone who had met with danger and missed the gathering timing”

 “Should be different from what youre thinking of.”

 Li Moying saw her puzzled look and didnt make any explanation.

Instead he held her little hand and walked through the dense forest then after making a few turns, they came to the front of a cave.

 In the cave were several ashen faced practitioners who looked towards them, each bearing expressions of shock and joy.


Eldest Senior Brother….

Youre really….

really alright! Heavens, really scared me to death! I knew it… I knew that your ability is so strong and you definitely would not be harmed by that despicable villain like Li Lingchuan!”

 Luo Jiyun looked at them both and immediately pounced over as he started crying out of extreme happiness.

 Mo Yi and the rest also started to crowd over.

The Shadow Guards were reserved in their emotions, unlike Luo Jiyun who was half a Young Master, crying as he wished.

But it was obvious that all of them were emotionally moved from their abnormal looks.

 They searched around the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region for a very long time and were almost about to give up hope, thinking that perhaps something had really happened to Li Moying.

 It was based on their irreconcilable thoughts which made them last till today.

 But they had not expected that Li Moying had appeared on his own.

 This was indeed a pleasant accidental surprise!

 Li Moying was hugged by Luo Jiyun and initially he remained expressionless but after a while, he finally could not tolerate it any further as he frowned and pushed him aside.

 “Alright, youre a grown man now, whats there to cry about Youre so old already and acting like this is really too ugly.

Quickly rub away your tears!”

 Luo Jiyun then retreated slightly as he asked, “Eldest Senior Brother, how on earth did you manage to get out of danger”



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