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Huang Yueli heard his frigid words and a smile curled up on her lips.

 In his past life, Mu Chengying had never been a merciful man but in this lifetime, Li Moying seemed to be much gentler this time as compared to the long ranger in his past life.

 But if one really ruffled his feathers, the consequences would absolutely be extremely miserable.

 Murong Fei and the others were definitely going to be in deep trouble this time round.

She wasnt sure how they were going to die so it really made her feel a little sympathy for them…..

 Huang Yueli quickly noticed another important point.

 “Wait, the Violet Sun Valley that you mentioned, do you mean that valley which we had been doing the refinement in for the past few days How do you know the valleys name And what kind of treasures are there in the valley Lets hurry and go retrieve it!”

 She had already declared Murong Fei and the others death sentence and knew that these few scums werent able to escape from Li Moyings hand hence she totally didnt bother about them as her attention was shifted aside very quickly.

 In comparison, she still felt that treasures were a greater attraction for her.

 Li Moying took a look at her and said, “Remember that stone tablet which we found in the core region That is the mechanism which Cloudy Qilin Clan uses to assess god grade geniuses, which is also known as Qilin tablet.

The exterior of the valley which is used to filer earth grade and heaven grade geniuses is known as Violet Sun Valley.

Ive passed through god grade geniuses final refinement hence a lot of information regarding Cloudy Qilin Clan automatically merged into my memories…..”

 As the reward for passing the stage, Ive obtained a huge amount of Profound Energy.

Other than that, Qlin tablet also had a huge reserve of medicinal pills and Profound Armaments and some are god grade and all these now belong to me…..”

 “Ah ah ah, god grade Profound Armament! Arent those God Relics then I want to see, I want to see, quickly bring me there!” Huang Yueli grabbed on to his sleeve excitedly.

 Li Moying shook his head and laughed as he knew that this young lass would act in exactly this way….

 “Alright, lets head over now! But my potential exploded due to the full moon and accidentally pierced through the Qilin tablet so Im not sure if the treasures inside are affected or not…..”

 Huang Yuelis face turned black, “What How could you be such a wastrel! Even damaging God Relics!”

 Li Moying held on to his arrogantly pampered fiancée gently as they returned back to the position where the Qilin tablet was.

 Regarding Violet Sun Valleys exterior barrier array, it had also been shattered by Li Moying accidentally when he was advancing so a lot of Violet Sun Valleys thunder attributed Profound Energy, other than the portion which Li Moying had already absorbed, had all dispersed out.

 Without high density thunder attributed energy, Violet Sun Valleys magical beasts totally disappeared.

 The two of them didnt meet with any obstruction in their entire journey and they soon reached the core region.

 Huang Yueli took a quick look at the ground to see that the Qilin tablets top part had been blown away, revealing a dark space below.

 Luckily the Treasure Depository was right at the bottom layer level of the Qilin tablet and had not been affected much so most of the items inside were still intact.

 Huang Yuelis eyes shone immediately when she saw the treasures and she let go of Li Moyings hand immediately as she excitedly rushed into the Treasure Depository.

 “Wa, although there are not many things here but each piece of it are really treasures! I think I read about this bottle of heaven level smelted god pill in an ancient record some time ago.

Practitioners below the fifth stage realm who take one piece of half God level pills will immediately breakthrough a large realm! Even for ninth stage realm practitioners who take it will be able to have a huge breakthrough in their speed of cultivation…”

 “This Nine Transformations Soul Recall Pill is said to have the effect of reviving one from the dead!”


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