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Chapter 1570: Full moon again (3)

But Huang Yueli couldnt be bothered about these Profound Armaments as she was now terrified to the extreme!

Even when she had met a life and death crisis, she hadnt been that anxious!

“Li Moying! What the hell are you playing at! Why havent you come out yet!!!”

Stone tablet continued to descend and not too long later, it had already descended by half of its height.

Huang Yueli tried to think of various ways but was still unable to stop it completely.

“Damn it! Why cant it be stopped”

She furiously lost her rationality as her fist smashed onto the stone tablet.

The next moment, the Sacred Phoenix Races practitioner suffered a backlash as she was sent flying out, crashing heavily onto the ground and fainted.

Because of that, she failed to notice that in the dark night, a full moon slowly rose from the ground level.

Yet another full moon night… had descended upon them.

Huang Yueli lost consciousness for more than four hours before she regained her consciousness as her head was still throbbing in pain.

She used her hand to hold up her head and her brows creased, “Really enough, what huge feud does Cloudy Qilin Clan and Sacred Phoenix Race have against each other Isnt it just a stone tablet I cant even touch it at all!”

Thinking of the place where the stone tablet stood erect earlier, it was now totally empty as there was nothing to be seen at all.

The ground was extremely flat, totally unable to tell that there was once an intricate mechanism which had once stood there.

Huang Yueli climbed up from the ground with her steely green face.

Since things had come to such a pass, she knew that there was no use to be anxious.

Li Moying had absolutely met with an accident or trouble which he had no way to solve hence he did not show himself.

She must first find out what had happened before she could come out with ways to help him.

Anyway, she absolutely would not believe that a man like Li Moying would die here so easily!

“Right, absolutely impossible! Li Moying is definitely still alive! He couldnt possibly be dead, impossible!”

Huang Yueli clenched her fists and tried her best to convince herself.

Even though she was feeling sure in her heart that all these were possibly her own deception to herself but if she didnt hypnotise herself like that, she knew that she would definitely be devastated.

She refused to believe any possibility of Li Moying had encountered a mishap!

After Huang Yeuli hypnotised herself, she started to revolve around the core region to observe carefully, trying to find out the origins of operating the stone tablet mechanism.

“All the mechanisms have a way to decode it.

I cannot do it means my standard isnt enough yet… and there must be something which I had failed to notice….” She kept on thinking as she surveyed the area to search for clues.

But as she searched, she suddenly felt that something wasnt quite right.

The surroundings turned quieter and quieter, so silent that she could hear her own breathing.

Huang Yuelis heart started to palpitate faster and faster.

Although Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region was originally very quiet, but it had never been so quiet to such a state, as though the surrounding air was going to be completely frozen.

Not right! Something was extremely not right!

Huang Yueli turned her head around to see that at the original stone tablets position where it stood erect, there were three huge sinister looking magical beasts prowling around that area!

Their bodies gave off a powerful aura which made ones hairs stand.

This was the aura which ninth levelled magical beasts would reveal.

Huang Yuelis mind suddenly flashed past the words which Li Moying said to her.

—He had defeated the three ninth levelled magical beasts before the stone tablet appeared!





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