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Chapter 1516: Cloudy Qilin Clans secret (1)

Mo Yis footstep paused but he didnt turn back.

“Master Luo, we will stay behind to save Master and Third Miss.”

Luo Jiyun asked, “But… in this way, you will not be able to leave the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region! Without both sects Elders to activate the mystic region together, you have no chance to leave this place!”

Mo Yi sighed softly, “To tell the truth, I dont believe that Master would die just like that! You also havent seen Master dying in front of you with your own eyes right I believe Master is definitely alive but were not sure what situation he had met with down the cliff so he should be trapped! At this point in time, how could we possibly leave just for our own safety This is considered as betraying our Master!”

Even if there is a possibility, if Master is indeed in trouble, we cannot allow ourselves to live on alone.

Not being able to protect our Master properly is originally our sin, so even if we die, we bear no grudges!”

“Master Luo, dont bother about us and leave the mystic region quickly! Dont miss the timing.”

Saying that Mo Yi turned around and the few of them Shadow Guards all left swiftly.

Hearing that, Luo Jiyun stayed silent for a moment and suddenly started to chase after them.

“Wait a minute, Brother Mo Yi, Ill go with you guys to save Eldest Senior Brother, I will not leave too!”

When Mo Yi heard that, he frowned, “Master Luo, you… you need not do that! We are Shadow Guards and Young Sect Master is our Master so we must stay behind.

But youre different.

You have a great future before you and you need not be trapped in the mystic region because of Master.

If Master manages to leave that place someday, seeing you here will not make him happy.”

Luo Jiyun anxiously said, “Brother Mo Yi, dont stop me! Eldest Senior Brother met with danger this time round was all because he tried to save me! I had fallen into Murong Feis scheme hence I dragged Eldest Senior Brother and little Sister-in-law down! If I were to leave like this, my conscience would be pricked so I must follow you guys to save them!”

He had just finished his words when another voice was heard from his back.

“Me as well, Ill go with you guys!” The person who said that was Yuan Zeyu.

Mo Yi was stunned, “You…..”

Yuan Zeyu appeared to be relaxed as he smiled, “Im Third Miss men so surely it cannot only be Young Sect Masters subordinates who stays behind only right”

Mo Yi sized them up and prudently nodded.

“As long as you have all thought over this carefully and not regret it, then follow me!”

Below the cliff.

“These magical beasts have too much determination! They have been prowling in wait for three days and three nights and they still arent leaving” Huang Yueli asked gloomily.

She and Li Moying were now inside a cave.

Yesterday after they descended at the bottom of the cliff, they immediately came under the pursuit of a group of magical beasts.

While they were running wildly for their lives, they chanced upon a narrow passageway in between the mountains and hurriedly squeezed in only to discover that there was a cave inside.

Furthermore the cave was rather huge.

Therefore the two of them started to split up their work.

Li Moying was in charge of blocking those magical beasts which pursued them to the front of the cave while Huang Yueli was responsible for setting up an invisibility and defence array in front of the caves entrance.

After the array was set up, the two of them heaved a sigh of relief.

The layout of the cave wasnt bad at all and with this array, they only needed to ensure to change the magical beast core in the crux of the array and it would deflect a large portion of the attacks.

Occasionally when there were slightly incredible magical beasts which broke through the restraint, they would also be blocked by Li Moying.

But these magical beasts determination had surpassed their imagination.

Originally they thought that they only needed to wait for several hours and the magical beasts would all disperse then they were able to leave this place.

But in the end, three days had passed and they were still trapped in the cave.





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