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Chapter 1503: Big trouble (1)

“Be careful and hide behind my back, protect yourself properly.” Li Moying instructed in a deep voice.

Huang Yueli took a step back but didnt follow his instructions to hide herself.

Instead her brows furrowed and observed the surrounding situation.

Right at this moment, she recalled what Li Lingchuan told her when they were on the cliff above.

Their current position was the central area of the mystic region.

According to Li Lingchuans saying, this was an extremely dangerous place and it gathered a huge amount of high levelled magical beasts.

Before this, Li Moying was trapped on the cliff below because he was attacked by these magical beasts.

Now that they had fallen to this place, it was much deeper than where Luo Jiyun had been trapped so it would definitely be much more dangerous…

Just as Huang Yueli was in deep thoughts, wings flapping sound was heard from everywhere.

Amidst the thick fog, magical beasts started appearing one after another.

Huang Yuelis eyes grew wide as she felt a surge of shock rushing into her heart!

Even though she was mentally prepared, but seeing so many high levelled magical beasts with her own eyes still made her feel appalled!

The flying magical beasts which surrounded them were at least sixth tier and furthermore, there were ten or more of them.

Huang Yueli had absolute confidence towards Li Moyings ability but he was after all only in the seventh stage realm and after experiencing several battles earlier, was it really not a problem to deal with so many magical beasts now

Huang Yueli bit her lips as she said softly, “You..

you must be very careful, Ill cover you.”

Li Moying shook his head slightly, “Youd better try not to make a move.

These magical beasts depend on swallowing Profound Energy to survive and advance so the minute they sense any Profound Energy fluctuation, they will rush over and charge towards you! The minute you make a move, youd be deemed as a delicious dish to them.”

“But….” Huang Yueli somehow felt that something was amiss and wanted to say something more.

But at this moment, the magical beast at the foremost position couldnt hold on any longer as it shot forward in mid-air, charging viciously towards them!

Huang Yueli shut her mouth tightly, not daring to influence Li Moying.

Li Moyings finger flipped and he grabbed the Amethyst Light Sword in his hand tightly.

Not only did he not retreat or evade, instead he charged towards the magical beast.

His sword brandished out—

“Ga ga—! Ga ga—!”

Miserable cries were heard.

That magical beast was struck by Li Moying as its entire body was bathed in blood, falling straight down into the cliff.

Huang Yuelis eyes widened really large and stared at Li Moying intently.

He, he, he… actually didnt use a single bit of Profound Energy, merely using that sharp half god relic and his physical strength to directly chop off a seventh tier magical beasts wing…..

Even though she knew he was very strong, but… wasnt this a little too ridiculous

Could it be that he didnt need to use his Profound Energy but he was able to challenge realms way above him

Even if it was in his past life, Li Moying didnt seem to have such a powerful body…..

The intensity of his physical body and Profound Energy were two different things.

Although the physical body could be trained via various training cultivation methods but they mainly depended on their innate bloodline while it was extremely limited to advance through acquired means.

Hence Li Moyings ability which he had displayed could only be explained as something which he was born with this lifetime…..

What kind of abnormal bloodline was so powerful like this.

Even if he was really from the Cloudy Qilin Clan, surely he neednt be this powerful right!!

Li Moying turned his head back to realise that his little fiancée was in a dazed look.

He cried out anxiously, “Lier, stop being in a daze, ask your dumb Phoenix to fly higher quickly! Take this opportunity to do it now!”

Saying that, he pointed to the front not too far away.





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