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Chapter 1500: Out of expectations (4)

Murong Fei was left out by them for a long time and she finally couldnt wait any further as she ran over by herself.

The minute she arrived, the first thing she saw was Li Moying and Leng Yi Feng breaking out into a big fight and she was suddenly confused as she didnt know what had happened.

However, on the second look, she saw Huang Yueli and Luo Jiyun by the side of the cliff.

The position where the both of them stood was simply too near the cliff and the minute Murong Fei saw that, an evil intent immediately arose.

She had long wanted Huang Yueli to die but Li Lingchuan and the others refused to let her kill her.

Murong Fei had been feeling worried, especially when she thought about the fact that Huang Yueli would follow Leng Yi Feng in future and even becoming the Young Mistress of Leng family, it made her extremely jealous!

Now there was a once in a blue moon opportunity which was right in front of her.

Huang Yuelis back was facing her and she was so concentrated in treating Luo Jiyuns injuries.

She only needed to give a slight push from behind and that little slut who had been crushing her in every day, would die!

Murong Fei was thinking of that and her lips revealed an evil smile, as she immediately acted on it.

Her luck wasnt bad at all as she successfully pushed Huang Yueli down.

Originally she intended to push Huang Yueli down and then quickly hid herself away.

She thought that Li Moying was intoxicated in the battle and probably had not noticed her at all.

However, she had not expected Luo Jiyun to suddenly regain consciousness at this moment in time and even spoiling her plan to hide away!

Murong Fei actually wanted to push Luo Jiyun down as well but luckily for him, his ankle was still tangled by the rope.

She pushed him and he fell out by a distance and was tangled, almost falling down!

In this way, Murong Fei was completely exposed in front of Li Moying.

Luo Jiyun cried out in grief and indignation, “Eldest Senior Brother, little Sister-in-law she….

she… you absolutely cannot let Murong Fei off! I saw it with my own eyes, shes the one who pushed little Sister-in-law down!”

Murong Feis body shook as she knew she was totally a goner as Li Moying would definitely torture her to death, alive!

She didnt think too much as she immediately turned around and escaped in a panic!

However she had just taken a step and was struck by Li Moyings casual bolt of lightning.

Her entire body was smoking and she fell straight downwards.

Luo Jiyun stared at Li Moying tightly, thinking that he would chase up to her and catch Murong Fei to torture her alive to take revenge for Huang Yueli.

Whoever knew that after Li Moying struck once, he totally didnt bother about Murong Feis situation.

He didnt stop in his tracks and he ran over to the cliff directly!

Luo Jiyun instantly realised what his motive was as he cried out in terror, “Eldest Senior Brother, dont… please dont do it—!”

But Li Moyings speed was extremely fast and before his words ended, Li Moying already leapt up, jumping into the deep abyss!

Luo Jiyuns expression was pale as he pounced to the side of the cliff.

He only saw Li Moyings black figure dropping down speedily and not long after, he too disappeared into the thick fog.


Luo Jiyun fell onto the ground in a slump as he was extremely remorseful, feeling guilty to the max!

All these happened because of him.

First, Li Moying met with danger and had a narrow escape before he finally got up from the cliff.

Thinking that everything had been solved, whoever knew that to save him, Huang Yueli didnt notice and fell down the cliff!





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