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Chapter 1473: Something seemed to have happened (4)

Now, Luo Jiyun had met with danger and his life and death was unknown which really made him extremely worried.

But although he was worried, his rationality had not vanished.

Li Moyings character was normally cold and stern so no matter what kind of situation he encountered, he was always able to maintain his calm.

It would usually be matters concerning Huang Yuelis safety which would make him lose control.

Right now, he observed the situation around him and very quickly he came out with a conclusion.

“The blood stains on the ground arent only Jiyuns.

Those blood stains over there are obviously left behind from magical beasts.

Looks like Jiyun had provoked a high levelled magical beast! They should have ran off towards the east side, so lets head over to have a look! Follow me closely!”

Li Moying pointed to the east side, indicating Huang Yueli to chase up to his steps.

Although he was worried about Huang Yueli taking the risk with him but the both of them had already reached this place hence leaving Huang Yueli at this place where the high levelled magical beast had been before, it was definitely not safe so it was much better to leave her beside him!

The two of them walked one after another following the blood stains as they chased over.

Huang Yueli utilised her Agility Dance Steps, following tightly behind Li Moying as her slender brows creased slightly.

She didnt know why that there was an ominous premonition in her heart but somehow there seemed to be someone who was watching them.

But every time she returned, she didnt see anyone but didnt know if it was her misperception.

But at the very least, they had continued to head towards the east as they entered the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Regions central regions boundary…..

heading in further would be even more dangerous.

Luo Jiyun was just too unreliable! He had actually not chosen his path properly while he was panicky.

Based on his cultivation, dashing into the central region would really be asking for death!

Moreover, as the two of them kept moving into the central region, the surrounding environment had undergone changes.

The trees around the surroundings were getting lesser and lesser, but even if there was, it was just a few shrubs which didnt have much leaves.

A strange smoke started to condense in the air as their visions became more and more blurry.

The situation outside one hundred meters couldnt be seen clearly anymore.

Huang Yueli finally couldnt help but tugged Li Moying, “Moying, the situation here is quite abnormal, are we really going to continue probing inside”

Li Moyings footsteps took a halt as he frowned, “The footsteps which Jiyun left behind are headed all the way east and the blood stains left behind are more and more obvious, which means that his blood stains are even more serious.

If we cant find him before tomorrow, it would absolutely bode ill for him!”

Huang Yueli said, “But if we continue heading inside, we will really be entering the central region.

Each mystic regions central region is extremely dangerous, so based on our current ability, we must be extremely careful before proceeding!”

Li Moying turned his head back and grabbed her hands gently, “I understand! But from the blood stains on the ground, Jiyun shouldnt have gone far, at most another few hundred meters or no, he would definitely have fallen down.

He should be somewhere nearby.

So we wont be entering too deep in.”

Huang Yueli nodded her head.

Right at this moment, suddenly, a faintly indiscernible moan was heard.

Their spirits were instantly lifted.

“Its Jiyun! Hes indeed around this area!”

“Quick! We have to hurry over and take a look!”

Li Moying and Huang Yueli exchanged glances and hastened their footsteps as they sped towards the direction of the sound.

What they didnt know were several pairs of eyes tightly fixed onto their backs, right behind them.

“Damn it, why did Bai Ruoli come over as well” Leng Yi Feng couldnt help but frowned.





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