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Chapter 1439: Celestial Light Sects traitor (6)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Just a few months ago in the Dark Moon Forest, Murong Ni had indeed witnessed Huang Yuelis mastery in array skills.

Only thing was, recently Huang Yueli had shone too much in terms of armament refining skills and cultivations innate talent hence most people had forgotten that she had other areas of shocking performance.

Murong Nis small trickery, in front of Huang Yueli, was really not enough!

Murong Ni suddenly recalled this and instantly pressed the panic button.

Thats right, this wretched lass was so incredible so actually… they totally didnt need her!

Murong Ni then realised that this pit was dug by Huang Yueli.

She intentionally misled her into thinking that she was very important, purposely luring her to say out the words of betrayal towards Celestial Light Sect!

Now Huang Yuelis motive had already been derived.

Celestial Light Sects disciples looked at her as though they were looking at a disgusting cockroach and she couldnt dismount the tiger anymore!

It was apparently too late for her now to change her words saying that she didnt had the intention to betray Celestial Light Sect.

But the minute Green Cloud Sects people found out that Huang Yuelis array skills mastery was higher than hers, then she would completely become a waste at Celestial Light Sects side, so she definitely would not be able to get her previous position!

The more Murong Ni thought, the more frightened she got as sweat continued to drip down from her forehead.

But Fang Shaoning totally didnt know what she was worried about as he kept sneering, “Miss Bai, your armament refining skills and cultivation innate talent is indeed very strong but you really shouldnt go treating yourself as someone great! Array skill is also a difficult art and not any simpler than armament refining! A third rank Array Master is considered as an exceptionally outstanding talent! You have the cheek to say that she is a third rate Array Master”

Huang Yuelis brows rose, “Oh Really Then it means Im the one who is ignorant and ill-informed and Ive belittled Miss Murong”

Murong Nis heart was palpitating wildly.

The more Fang Shaoning believed in her ability, the more frightened she was of being exposed!

Right now he had praised her to such a high level so when she fell down, her fall would be terrible!

Perhaps after Fang Shaoning realised that he was fooled by her, he might even convert his embarrassment into anger, turning around to deal with her instead!

What should she do What should she do now What should she say to make her not suffer from a miserable ending

Just as Murong Nis heart was burning like a furnace, Huang Yueli spoke out again.

“Alright, since the few of you from Green Cloud Sect had said that….

Moying and I had done some observationS earlier and in order to open up this cave dwelling, we indeed require the participation of an Array Master, so it seems that we have no choice but to cooperate with you guys!”

Hearing her say that, Leng Yi Feng and Fang Shaoning both looked towards Li Moying.

“Young Sect Master Li, what do you say”

Li Moying took a sideward glance at them, “Hasnt my Lier already said so”

The both of them were stunned.

The both of them asked because they felt that although Huang Yueli was Li Moyings fiancée, but in terms of ability and status, she naturally couldnt be compared to Li Moying himself.

The person who could make decisions in Celestial Light Sect was definitely Li Moying and whether to cooperate or not, Huang Yuelis words dont count at all.

They still required Li Moyings consent.

In the end, they had not expected Li Moying to have such a response…..

Could it be that in his heart, Huang Yueli was already able to represent him entirely

Such a powerful and arrogant man like him actually placed his fiancée in such a high status

This really made them feel hard to believe.

After some time, Leng Yi Feng responded, “Alright, since weve come to a mutual understanding, then we shall follow according to what we discussed earlier, to open the rare treasure ***…”

“Wait a minute, Im not done talking yet!”




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