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Other than that, Luo Jiyun also followed them but the quota he used was one which Murong De had reserved for his own disciples.

For Huang Yuelis side, the few subordinates she took in didnt have enough ability hence she only brought along Yuan Zeyu.

Although Yuan Zeyu was only in the fourth stage realm, but he had already undergone Mo Yis demonic training and also practiced a few Heaven Grade Profound Skills which Huang Yueli had passed down to him.

His battle power among same levelled practitioners was absolutely first rate.

Even if he had to cross realms and fought against a fifth stage entry level top expert, he would not be at a disadvantage.

These people were following Huang Yueli and Li Moying at a distance far away.

Looking at their intimate exchanges, this bunch of people were long used to it as they started to look up into the sky, putting on a “I didnt see anything” expression.

Luo Jiyun even laughed as he said, “Eldest Senior Brother, Sister-in-law, the scenery in the mystic region is not too bad eh Ha ha…..”

The others repeated in agreement, “Yes, yes, the scenery isnt too bad!”

Huang Yueli looked at their cover up which only made it look more conspicuous and simply wanted to vomit up blood!

Did they need to be so fake, did they really needed to be so fake

Why dont they just directly make themselves blind instead

Not only was Huang Yueli furious, even Li Moying felt that it was too troublesome to have too many tails following behind them.

He opened his mouth and said, “Alright, since weve already entered the mystic region, you guys dont need to follow us around and all split up to find your own experience learning chance!”

Everyone was stunned but no one made a move at all.

Mo Yi hesitated for a moment and stood out, “Master, this mystic region is filled with dangers all around and if you and Third Miss are alone….

What happens if you meet with danger Your subordinate is worried…..”

Li Moying said disapprovingly, “If theres really danger, am I the one who will protect you guys, or you guys protect me”

Mo Yi and the rest were rendered speechless.

Having an abnormally powerful Master was an embarrassing thing…..

he had trained so hard to overcome all the difficulties and finally completed the Shadow Guards training but in the end he discovered that he became his future Mistresss errand boy and underling…

Li Moying continued, “This time its a rare chance to enter the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region.

In this kind of ancient mystic region, chances are everywhere but however much you can reap from it will depend on your own fate! I brought you guys in not so that you can follow and protect me, but in the hope that you can all raise your own abilities! What I want is not underlings nor errand boys but Shadow Guards with real abilities, do you understand”

Everyone shivered as they hurriedly responded, “Yes!”

“All of you go on your own experience learning and dont group up together.

Lone experience learning will reap the greatest chance.

Jiyun you too leave on your own.

You have the Sects aid token and if you really meet danger, just shoot out the token and I will go to save you.”

Luo Jiyun immediately replied, “Eldest Senior Brother, just rest assured and go on with lil Sister-in-law.

This isnt my first time out gaining experience so I can take care of myself!”

Li Moying waved his hand and those little tails behind them instantly dispersed.

Within a few breaths of time, they had all completely disappeared without a trace.

Huang Yueli gasped with amazement as she sighed, “Young Sect Master Li, your level of conning people really make me respect you!”

Li Moying gave a soft snort as his gaze fell onto her fair delicate face.

“Why Where did I say wrongly My original intentions were for their own good!”

Huang Yueli blinked, “Really I thought you despised them for being too irritating!”

“Since you know about it…”

Li Moying smiled slightly as he lowered his head and placed his lips onto hers.


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