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“Elder Sister, wait, wait for me!”

Murong Ni kept shouting behind Murong Feis back.

Murong Fei pretended not to hear as she turned around to leave.

After Huang Yueli and Li Moying left, they could still hear the sisters arguments faintly.

Huang Yuelis brows rose as she stared at the man beside her.

Li Moying was stared at by her when he suddenly felt a chill running down his spine while asking hurriedly, “Lier, what do you want to say”

Huang Yeuli questioned him beamingly, “Id not expected that you really ignored Murong Ni I thought that…..”

“Thought what Thought I would bring her along Why would I want to bring along an irritating fellow” Li Moying frowned.

Huang Yueli replied, “Because your Master specially instructed that you must take good care of your Junior Sisters so… I thought you probably wouldnt reject her.”

Li Moying suddenly thought of something as he lowered his head and met that bright big eyes with its black and white part clearly segregated.

The young lady by his side suddenly kept blinking while bearing an innocent expression, but was unable to conceal the joy hidden inside her eyes.

Li Moying shook his head while laughing, “You ah….

Really a little vinegar jar! If youre really afraid that Id bring her along, just directly chase her away.

Why didnt you get worked up earlier and only start to tease me now”

Huang Yueli pouted her lips as she mumbled, “I dont even know what youre thinking of isnt it She is after all your Junior Sister and your Masters biological daughter.

If you long wanted to bring her along, how would I dare to go against you…”

Li Moying saw her pampered and arrogant look as he couldnt help finding it comical.

He locked her waist and brought her into his embrace, while leaning near to her ear as he gave a low laugh, “Have you even considered the fact that Murong Ni had once tried to assassinate you when your ability was still very weak.

Although youve become strong enough now and not afraid of her taking any underhanded methods, how could I possibly place someone who had once harmed you by your side Ive already given my Master enough face by not going to find trouble for her and yet he still expects me to take care of her How could that even be possible”

He stretched out his hand and brushed Huang Yuelis hair strands gently, “Rest assured, no matter when I will take your thoughts as first consideration and if theres anything which made you dissatisfied, just raise your concerns on the spot.

I will absolutely not tear down your stage and follow according to my wifes thoughts to handle, alright”

Huang Yuelis heart immediately got lifted up as she revealed a smile.

But when she met Li Moyings mocking gaze, she immediately swallowed her laughter as she resumed the pampered look.

“Can do that barely! But Im not your wife so dont you go saying Im your wife!” She put on a solemn expression as she said that.

Li Moying felt that she was just too adorable as he lowered his head and wanted to kiss her.

Huang Yueli abruptly recalled the fact that they were in the mystic region now and immediately covered his lips which was leaning over.

“Dont you come over.

Brother Mo Yi and the others….

are still watching on from the sides!”

Li Moying didnt manage to sneak a kiss successfully so he was extremely disappointed as he frowned slightly and straightened his body.

This time round he had brought ten over people along.

His Shadow Guards were all fifth stage realm and above and had all been brought along into the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region.

These people really needed to go through a good round of experience learning.

Their abilities in Celestial Light Sect indeed wasnt considered weak but when he returned to Sky Emperor City in future, this bunchs cultivation was not enough at all.

Although he still had some subordinates in Blue Profound Sect, but fifteen years had already passed and no one knew if anything had changed so they might not be as reliable as the current Shadow Guards.


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