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Recalling the scene earlier, Murong Ni was really frightened!

Because of this, she didnt care about anything else other than the fact that she must grab hold of Eldest Senior Brothers thigh properly.

Based on her own potential alone in this mystic region, it really wasnt anything much and there were plenty of chances which she could land herself into danger.

But if she could obtain Li Moyings protection, that would be totally different!

However, even though she had made sound calculations for herself, Li Moying totally didnt fall into her trap.

He only gave a fleeting glance towards Murong Ni as he said, “Not free!”


Saying that, he pulled Huang Yueli and was about to set off on his way.

Murong Ni hurriedly screamed loudly, “Eldest Senior Brother, you cannot leave! Before I entered the mystic region, my father had already told me that he will get you to protect me….

and elder sisters safety in the mystic region! How could you not obey my fathers words You must bring me along!”

Li Moying gave a cold humpf, “Just based on your guts and you have the cheek to come in for experience learning If you had known this earlier, then you ought to give up your quota to someone else! There are plenty of disciples who want to come in! Its not possible for me to bring you along so just drop the matter!”

Saying that, he totally ignored Murong Nis screams as he hurriedly dragged Huang Yueli away.

Murong Ni was simply so anxious that she was about to cry out loudly as she turned around, “Elder Sister, why didnt you say anything Eldest Senior Brother hes really going to leave!”

Murong Fei was standing by the side watching Murong Ni sprawled on the ground still vomiting and the ugly sight of her sobbing as she really didnt want to admit that she and her were biological sisters.

She spoke out disdainfully, “Enough, stop crying! Still not embarrassed enough Since weve already entered the mystic region, then were here for experience learning and not for you to go on a scenic tour! There are plenty of chances among danger, so everyone has to rely on oneself!”


“Elder Sister, dont you want to go experience learning with Eldest Senior Brother Are you willing to see Eldest Senior Brother bringing that little slut long, behaving intimately” Murong Ni asked in disbelief.

Murong Feis expression turned slightly ugly.

Of course she didnt want to see Huang Yueli and Li Moying behaving intimately!

Heaven knows just how upset her heart was when she saw the two of them clasping their hands tightly and how intimately they conversed with each other!

But she had entered the mystic region today to achieve something big! She was going to eliminate that irritating little slut forever so that she was able to be with Eldest Senior Brother forever! Li Lingchuan had already told her that as long as she followed his plan, they would be able to let that little slut have no burial ground!

Thinking of this, Murong Fei forcefully suppressed the jealousy rooted in her heart!

Forget it, just let that little slut be more complacent for a little while more.

Anyway she was going to be a dead corpse very soon and she absolutely could not leave this mystic region!


Eldest Senior Brother… he was going to be hers, Murong Feis eventually!

Murong Fei spoke against her own feelings, “Experience learning is experience learning, raising our own potential is more important than anything else! In this mystic region, real chances cannot be shared with anyone else, so its impossible for top exponents to group up with anyone! Stop thinking too much and be off! I am leaving as well!”

Murong Nis eyes widened, “Sister, you….

even you are not going to bring me Then I… what should I do”

She had not expected Murong Fei to actually disregard their sisterly relationship, leaving her in the lurch over here

Murong Fei said, “This is experience learning and not a scenic tour trip! If youre really afraid then just stay here and wait to leave the mystic region after one month! I think its pretty safe over here!”

She couldnt hold herself back from wanting to harm Huang Yueli now so why would she even be bothered with her sister


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