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At the same time, the stage below burst into a huge commotion!

“Bai Ruoli is injured!”

“Heavens, in the end he still chased up to her! This time round shes finished!”

“Thats right, the minute shes injured, Fang Shaoning would never give up on his pursuit!”

Even ordinary disciples could tell that Huang Yuelis situation was dire and it was imaginable how much pressure she was under while on the arena stage.

Although the wound on Huang Yuelis shoulder was not considered deep but it still affected her movements.

Even though Huang Yuelis psychological state was exceptionally great and her Agility Dance Steps was still executed properly but she wasnt as swift as she was earlier.

The two of them still remained as the current situation where one evades while the other pursued.

But not long after, Huang Yueli was stuck again.

Another “chi” sound and this time she was hurt on her left thigh!

As time went by, the wounds on Huang Yueli started to increase and many of it were bleeding, cutting a sorry state.

Fang Shaonings speed had also decreased because of his previous injury and the prolonged duration of exhaustion, but his potential and cultivational level was right there so his entire state was much better then Huang Yuelis.


Huang Yueli was stuck by yet another move!

“Heavens, Bai Ruoli is injured again! In total, she already has ten over wounds on her!”

“Right, although those are all external injuries, but with so many wounds, the state of haemorrhage is just too serious.

Her speed is obviously much slower than earlier!”

“Still not going to admit her loss quickly.

If this goes on, she will be injured very seriously! Shes already done too much!”

“Thats right, shes just a fourth stage realm practitioner and able to fight against Fang Shaoning till this step, its already very rare! Even if she lost, its not her responsibility!”

Celestial Light Sects disciples were already standing on Huang Yuelis side, all secretly worrying for her.

From what they saw, Huang Yueli would still lose eventually.

But even though she lost, she had already exhibited unimaginable extraordinary potential!

If it wasnt for the fact that they witnessed it with their own eyes, no one would believe that there was such a powerful fourth stage realm person who could fight it out with a sixth stage realm seventh level top expert for so long! Even leaving such a huge wound on the sixth stage realm experts body!

Crossing over two huge realms to battle was something unimaginable to all the disciples present!

So even if Huang Yueli admitted her lost now, she was still honoured though defeated.

No one would deny that she was a genuine genius young lady with extraordinary talents!

The audience below the stage were advising her to admit defeat but Huang Yueli totally showed no signs of admitting defeat at all.

Even though she was already wounded ten over times and her speed was starting to decrease but she clenched her teeth tightly as she tried her best to exhibit her footwork, continuing to seek for survival under Fang Shaonings continuous pursuit.

On the high stage above, Li Moying clenched his fist tightly as he gazed upon the situation in the arena.

His face was still emotionless but his heart was extremely anxious to the limit!

He had on several times jolted from his seat with the intent to rush down to the stage below.

Especially the few times when Huang Yueli was severely hurt, he almost stood upright.

But recalling the reminder which Huang Yueli had repeatedly told him before the competition, he coerced himself to get back to his seat.

At this moment, he finally experienced what was the torture described as using a knife to carve at ones heart.

His beloved woman was now in the arena, covered with scratches but unfortunately, he could not head up to stop it!

Not that he didnt have the ability to do so, but….

he couldnt go!

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