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Chapter 1386: Unexpected ability (5)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The white figure had yet arrived when Fang Shaonings killer move was right in front of Huang Yueli.

On seeing that a tragedy was about to occur at the next moment, everyone couldnt hold themselves back as they cried out in shock!

While hanging by a thread, Huang Yuelis feet moved along with her agility dance steps as she slid out of Fang Shaonings area of attack!

Fang Shaoning couldnt help but went into a blank as he turned around to take a look at her, unable to believe that under the circumstances that he had used his full potential, Huang Yueli was still able to escape!

Whereas Huang Yueli was also in a state of shock as the sweat on her forehead kept sprouting because she had not expected Fang Shaonings ability to be that powerful!

Most practitioners who practiced the maniacization cultivation method, while they were in a state of maniac, although their cultivation was raised by a huge notch but as compared to same levelled practitioners, there was still a difference.

No matter in terms of speed or attack, it would all decrease.

However, Fang Shaoning seemed to have curbed this weakness.

Not only was he able to display his actual combat ability, he was not inferior to an actual sixth stage realm seventh level practitioner!

Earlier when she evaded him, she had already used all of her energy but she could only manage to escape barely when the situation was extremely critical.

Her arm was even swept by his palm wind as a slight injury could be seen.

Luckily Fang Shaoning was too shocked and didnt continue to chase after her while he was riding high on the tide.

Otherwise she would probably be in deep trouble!

At this moment, the white robed Leng Yi Feng had already rushed to the stage.

He flashed and blocked right in front of Huang Yueli, at the same time sweeping an extremely unhappy gaze towards Fang Shaoning.

“Third Junior Brother, what are you doing This is merely a tournament, how could you not control your own temper and deal such a heavy hand towards Miss Bai Luckily Miss Bais reaction was swift enough otherwise if any accident really happened, are you able to take the responsibility for this”

He berated Fang Shaoning harshly.

When Fang Shaoning saw his appearance, he was first shocked but upon hearing his words, he couldnt help but break out in cold sweat.

Practitioners who were in a state of maniacization were easily agitated.

Earlier he was looked down upon by those weaklings so he lost his rationality at the spur of a moment which led to him dealing a murderous hand on her.

Now that he had cooled down to think things through, he realised that he had almost committed a huge mistake!

If Huang Yueli really died under his hands, his Master might not be able to protect him!

Fang Shaoning quickly took a step back, “Yes, Senior Brother, I was too rash due to a moment of folly…”

He had always been respectful towards Leng Yi Feng because if not for Leng Yi Fengs relationship, it was impossible to get the maniacization cultivation method which he was cultivating.

Furthermore he would go to Sky Emperor City in future and would definitely join the Leng family clan.

Leng Yi Feng gave a cold snort as he said, “Forget it, you didnt do it intentionally.

Since the outcome is already out, then…”

“Wait!” Huang Yueli hurriedly cut into his words, “Master Leng, I dont understand what youre saying, what outcome is already out Ive just started the battle with Fang Shaoning so how could the outcome already been set”

Leng Yi Feng revealed a shocked expression, “Youre still preparing to continue battling”

“Of course! Isnt it already written clearly on the competition regulations As long as no one admits defeat and no one had been thrown down the arena stage, then this competition is not considered as ended.” Huang Yueli replied calmly.


Leng Yi Feng already didnt know what else to say.

Earlier when this lass ran up the stage, it could be explained as a moment of rashness.

But now she almost lost her life, yet she was still not willing to get off the stage

What on earth was she thinking of Did she really not want her life anymore



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