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Speaking of this, she seemed to have thought of something as she started to frown.

“Thats right, what happened to you yesterday Why did your illness suddenly act up Moreover, your Shadow Guards were all injured.

The minute Mo Er came to me, he fainted! So, whats going on Dont tell me you were sneaked attack by someone”

Li Moying went silent for a moment, “Nothing happened.

I was feeling down and perhaps I thought too much so my illness suddenly acted up.

Mo Er they all….

were all injured by me because they didnt manage to evade in time.”

He decided not to tell Huang Yueli the exact scenario at that time.

On one hand, it was because he was defeated by Liu Buyan and to an arrogant man like him, it was an extremely embarrassing matter.

On the other hand, since Liu Buyan secretly admired his Lier so he must absolutely reduce the chances of their interaction.

When Huang Yueli heard that, she didnt quite believed him, “Surely not right Somehow I feel that Mo Ers injuries arent caused by the thunder attributed Profound Energy…..”

“You might have seen wrongly Moreover, I dont only have thunder attribute, my thunder attribute innate talent is merely stronger than the others.”

Seeing Huang Yuelis head tilt to one side and giving out a puzzled look, Li Moying was worried that she might think too much and realised the suspicious points in between hence he hurriedly tried to change a topic.

“Thats right, when my illness acted up, there were some scenes which flashed past my eyes.

I feel that… I seem to have recalled some things from my past life.”

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment before she gave an overjoyed look, “Really What have you recalled”

Li Moying said, “Actually I can only remember fragments of it.

Like the first time we met, and…..

the adventures when we went to explore those ancient mystic regions…..”

Huang Yueli laughed when she heard that, “Really You recalled the first time we met! Then do you still remember that you were acting like a ruffian that time and forcefully kissed me I developed a heart to murder you at that time! How could you act in that way”

Li Moying recalled the past.

The first time the both of them were engaged in a close distance, Huang Yueli was also around this age, fourteen to fifteen years old and like a flower with blossoming petals, delicate and charming with an immature look which still hung on their faces.

In a blink of an eye, it had been a long long time ago….

In the past, he felt that there wasnt anything good about his past lifes memories and even if he did recall anything about it, it probably wasnt some beautiful memories.

But now he changed his train of thoughts.

Every single moment with Lier were extremely valuable and precious memories so how could he forget about it

He smiled and said, “It was indeed my fault at that time but then, I was….

a little too young and rash.

Originally I intended to just greet you but Id not expect that not only did you ignore me, you actually thought that I was there to snatch your treasure and just attacked me without any warning! If it wasnt for the fact that my cultivation wasnt too bad, Id probably be seriously injured by you then! A young lass like you was simply too vicious!”

When Li Moying recalled the scenario then, he couldnt help but laugh.

The Huang Yueli then was indeed different from this lifetime.

At that time, she had not suffered any setbacks and had always been the idol in everyones eyes so she was pretty arrogant.

Huang Yueli also recalled the same moment as her lips twitched, “Oh please, you suddenly came over at that time, if it wasnt to snatch my treasure, then what were you there for Wouldnt anyone just avoid that scene normally You actually still dare to say that to me”

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