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Furthermore, when she ran over to the thunder region, she didnt insisted on dragging Murong Fei along right It was she herself who insisted on tagging along which was why she had been struck by lightning.

So how could she blame Huang Yueli for causing harm to her

Moreover speaking, Huang Yueli risked her life to enter that place wasnt for fun, but was in a hurry to save someone! Fact had proven that she indeed had the ability to save Li Moying!

Then why did Murong Fei still did that Fighting for affection, creating trouble, not understanding the severity of the whole scenario!

If Huang Yueli were really beaten flat by her, then Li Moying would really be a goner!

Everyone were breaking out into cold sweat for her, feeling that it was just too dangerous earlier! Murong Fei really didnt ignored the general interest!

Generally speaking, the person who should be angry isnt Murong Fei but Huang Yueli instead!

But not only did Huang Yueli not blame her, instead she even placed all the wrong-doings onto her own self and automatically apologized to Murong Fei!

In comparison, it showed how magnanimous she was whereas Murong Fei was seen to be arrogant and selfish!

In a second, everyones gaze towards Murong Fei changed as they bore a taste of criticism towards her.

Even Murong De was feeling ashamed because of his earlier thinking.

This young lass, she indeed was the fiancée whom Li Moying chose personally.

She knew how exactly how to behave properly and she was big hearted! It was obviously his daughters fault but she was still willing to magnanimously admit the wrong-doing… this kind of lady was really one of a kind!

As he was feeling ashamed, he naturally wouldnt find trouble for Huang Yueli and only replied, “How can we blame you for this Luckily you came in time and your response is swift, otherwise if something really happened to Moying, it will be too late for regrets! Feier is injured because of her own carelessness, so we cannot blame you for it.”

When Murong Fei heard her own father saying that, she was so infuriated that she almost fainted once again!

Huang Yueli gave a calm smile, “This is what I should do.

Youd better hurry and get a good doctor to do consultation for Eldest Miss Murong.

Earlier I saw her falling onto the ground, she crashed head first so I hope nothing happens to her during that fall”

“Youre really considerate.” Murong De felt that she was meticulous and was so considerate.

It was no wonder that Li Moying took an interest in her and as compared to his own daughter, other than innate talent and beauty, what else did she had This temper of hers really made one unable to sing her praises.

Murong Fei was so infuriated that she almost threw up blood again because wasnt this cursing her to be brain dead But too bad her father couldnt tell her sarcasm and even thought that this little slut was a good person!

Huang Yueli smiled, “Since theres nothing else, then Ill bring Moying back now.

What he needs most now is rest.”

“Good, good, hurry on and go back! Dont let him be too tired these few days.”

Huang Yueli nodded as she gracefully nodded towards Murong De and the other Elders then leaving with Luo Jiyun.

The minute she left, the Elders gave her departing silhouette an approving look as all of them were full of praises for her.

“No wonder Young Sect Master likes her so much, there indeed was a reason to it eh”

“Isnt that so In the past Id only heard rumours and only know that her innate talent is very ordinary and her background isnt very good.

But Id not expected that seeing her in person was so out of the ordinary”

“Her innate talent is ordinary Thats as compared to Young Sect Master right At her age, to reach fourth stage realm and living the small country at the borders without much resources, this innate talent is at least seventh grade upper level and above.

Perhaps she might even be an eight grade talent!”

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