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Chapter 1286: Something happened to Young Sect Master (3)

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The serving maid looked at Mo Yi in apprehension, “Protector Mo, these snacks….

What do you think….

we should do”

Mo Yi sighed, “Forget it, bring it back to the kitchen for now!”

“But, if Master were to blame us….”

Mo Yi waved his hand and said, “We have no choice if he does so! Just leave Third Miss alone for the time moment.

Otherwise perhaps we havent even buttered up Master yet and instead buttered on the horses feet, then wed be in even deeper trouble….”

The two of them were talking when they heard a flabbergasted voice from the entrance.

“Oh no, Oh no! Eldest Brother, something bad has happened! Where is Third Miss”

Mo Yi couldnt help but frown, “Whats up with this fellow Why are you so flustered Third Miss is already in such a bad mood and hes still here yelling and shouting, isnt he giving Master even more problems”

He hurriedly walked out and just met Mo Er when he was shocked.


whats the matter”

Mo Ers clothing was torn and tattered and his face was stained with ash and blood, bearing a pale and weak look.

Apparently he was suffering from an internal injury which isnt very light.

Mo Yi immediately got anxious.

Mo Er had been following around Li Moying and now that he was suffering from such a serious injury and in such a hurry to look for Third Miss… could it be that something had happened to Master

Mo Yi pulled his collar, “What on earth happened Quickly tell me Has something happened to Master”

Mo Er ran throughout the entire journey despite being injured hence he was already panting badly while trying to speak out, “Master….

Master his illness suddenly….

acted up…..”

“What How is that possible When Master went out earlier he was still fine and theres still quite some time before the next full moon, so how is it possible for his illness to act up”

“Its a long story… anyway… quickly go get Third Miss…..”

“But Third Miss she…..” Mo Yi frowned.

At this moment, the bedroom door opened and Huang Yueli ran out with an anxious look on her face.

“What were you guys talking about earlier Li Moying….

his illness acted up again What on earth happened”

“Third Miss…..”

Mo Er hadnt even said a word when an earth shattering thunder was heard from mid-sky and a bolt of lightning came striking downwards! Momentarily, the entire earth shook as mountains swayed…

Huang Yuelis expression changed and unable to stay any longer, she let go of Mo Er as she turned around and ran towards the bottom of the mountain.

“Third Miss, you….

dont be too anxious….

Wait for me…..” Mo Yi anxiously chased after her!

When Huang Yueli arrived at the scene, a large portion of Celestial Light Sects foot of the mountain had been blocked by an array.

Ordinary disciples were all obstructed outside the array and only the Sects high levelled protectors and above members were allowed into the array.

Although ordinary disciples were not able to enter, but most of them didnt leave.

Instead they were hiding in a corner with a terror-stricken face, trying to take a clear look at whats going on in the array!

Li Moying usually had a fixed timing for his illness to act up and after he took Liu Buyans medication, most of the time he wouldnt cause such a huge commotion.

Even if sometimes the medication failed, he would only destroy the rear mountain which was where he was residing in.

So this was the first time when most of Celestial Light Sect disciples had seen such a huge array, furthermore not knowing why this was done!

Momentarily, everyone was flustered.

“Whats going on Why has such a powerful thunder been attracted This is simply too terrifying!”

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