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Chapter 1280: Love rivals meet (2)

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After they exchanged glances for quite some time, the sparks from enmity and hatred was seen from their eyes.

After a long time, Liu Buyan started off first, “Li Moying, you should know why Im here to look for you!”

Li Moyings corners of his lips tugged slightly and his voice was extremely cold, “Oh What should I know Divine Doctor Liu had graced your presence to Celestial Light Sect which had truly brought light to our humble dwelling.

But what I dont understand if no one invited you and youve come over.

When had Divine Doctor Lius value dropped to such a standard!”

He and Huang Yueli were still in a cold war because of Liu Buyan and he had not expected that Liu Buyan actually ran over to Celestial Light Sect on his own accord!

This was simply a direct provocation to him!

Was there a need to even say out his purpose of this trip As a man, with just one look, he was able to tell the other partys motive.

Liu Buyan… was obviously here for Huang Yueli, to find trouble with him, his love rival!

Liu Buyan could tell the obvious provocative tone from Li Moyings words and his glare changed slightly, apparently angered by his words.

But he quickly calmed down as he gave a cold laugh, “You are pretty bold to speak to me in this manner! Arent you afraid that Id kill you right here”

Li Moying didnt even flinch as his tone grew even colder.

“Oh Divine Doctor Liu really feels that….

yourself is the number one top expert in Soaring Heavens Continent Or do you feel that… as long as Im not around, you will have the chance to….

get my woman”

Liu Buyans body shivered slightly.

Although he already knew that the young lass was Li Moyings fiancée but hearing his kind of declaration from his mouth still made him feel uncomfortable.

Just like fourteen years ago when he saw Mu Chengying and Huang Yueli display their affections openly.

That kind of regret, envy, jealous complicated feelings.

Liu Buyan clenched his teeth as he started at his eyes, “You….

You indeed already know about it! Then I shall speak openly then, I am indeed here because of Bai Ruoli! I will give you two choices.

If you know whats good for you, leave her on your own initiative and I will be responsible for curing your Soul Detachment Illness! You should know that you have extraordinary potential and youre only dragged down by your Soul Detachment Illness.

As long as you are cured, it will just be a matter of time before you become Soaring Heavens Continents number one top expert so by then there will be endless women for you to choose from, isnt it”

“Moreover, Bai Ruoli doesnt truly want to be with you.

I already know that shes in a prenatal betrothal with you! For the sake of morality which was why she is staying with you.

Why must you drag her down Let her go and let her find someone who can truly take care of her!”

Liu Buyan raised his chin as he coldly declared.

Ever since that day at the bottom of the mountain in the small town after Huang Yueli threw him such a huge bomb, he had been feeling frustrated as using the excuse of going out of town to do a consultation, he travelled around to drive away his worries.

It was until yesterday night when he suddenly thought about it.

No matter now, Li Moying had no right to deserve such a nice lady whereas he was Soaring Heavens Number One Divine Doctor and moreover he was in the ninth stage realm.

In terms of looks, he wasnt too far off from Li Moying so as long as he could drive Li Moying away, it shouldnt be a difficult thing if he wanted to woo Bai Ruoli.

The current situation was very different from fourteen years ago.

The current Li Moying was not his match at all! He had the ability to make Li Moying back out.

So that was why Liu Buyan arrived at Celestial Light Sect early this morning.

He would raise his request for the exchange which was very simple.

Li Moying had to make a choice between his life and future or his fiancée.

Anyone with a normal state of mind would know which was more worthwhile.

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