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Because of this, the amount of conflicts in their past lives accumulated more and more as both of them refused to give in to each other, hence separating and reconciling was a common affair.

Now, after they have experienced life and death and later on after she had experienced the process of transforming from trash to gradually overcoming it, she was no longer as arrogant as in her past life.

She began to treasure the affinity with Li Moying, not wanting to affect their relationship over some minor reasons.

How many people were like them, to have experienced death once and then reuniting once again and from then continuing to be together

The days which they were together was a blessing from the heavens and worthy of them cherishing it greatly.

Li Moying slowly drank the soup which she brew while Huang Yueli looked on from the side, occasionally giving him a smile.

That sweet and obedient look made Li Moyings heart melt.

The two of them finished their food in sweetness and Li Moying no longer wanted to stay in the study room.

He had already wasted a few nights of not being intimate with Lier so how could he possibly continue to waste young night

Huang Yueli was brought into his embrace as he kissed her but amidst the passion, she didnt forget about the official matter.

“Wait, Moying, first let me confirm when are you free Ive already checked it out, Liu Buyan is pretty busy recently and he can only do a consultation tomorrow or the day after.

Perhaps I can invite him over tomorrow…”

Li Moyings kissing paused as she looked at him in disbelief.

He had not expected that the mood was so good now but Huang Yeuli actually brought up the old issue again!

He thought that Huang Yueli had already given up her stand and listened to him since she came to look for him today.

She would not get in touch with Liu Buyan so naturally would not agree to him going for a consultation.

In the end… it actually wasnt like that

“You…..” Li Moying regained his senses and his expression turned ugly once again, “Can you not mention about this matter We are doing great now so why talk about this again”

Huang Yueli said anxiously, “How can I not mention it This concerns your body! Moreover, if we miss these two days, Divine Doctor Liu will be leaving to another place to do consultation again so god knows when he will return! I dont want to keep dragging like this, I will be very worried!”

Huang Yuelis thinking was totally different from Li Moyings.

She indeed had initiated the goodwill and hope that the both of them can reconcile but she felt that what she was doing was correct so she would not give up.

Letting Li Moying do a consultation was one matter, quarrelling with him was another so she wasnt some weak young lady who would easily gave up her own stand.

Li Moying saw that she was so insistent and immediately felt that he had been cheated as his mood turned downcast.

“So… today you brew the soup for me and said so many things to coax me wasnt because you miss me, but only wanted me to go for consultation”

Huang Yueli was flabbergasted, “Can you stop being so unreasonable If Im not concerned about you, why would I make you do the consultation Will you die if you just let Liu Buyan take a look”

“Of course I wont die, but itd be much more serious than dying.”

He would absolutely not allow his love rival to do the consultation for him, this was a matter of pride!

Moreover, Li Moying still remembered that Huang Yueli said this before that the man she liked was a ninth stage realm top expert who could satisfy all her materialistic needs.

Although that person was himself in his past life, but he was after all not a ninth stage realm practitioner now but Liu Buyan was!

This kind of love rival was different from those small shrimps like Yuan Zeyu, he was a huge threat.

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