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Chapter 1267: Li Moying gets jealous (1)

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It was until Li Moyings warm breathe blew against her neck before Huang Yueli suddenly awoke from her thoughts.

“Ah, Moying, youre back…..”

Li Moyings face revealed a slight displeasure.

He didnt like the feeling of being disregarded by his fiancée, so he lowered his head and bit Huang Yuelis neck gently.

Huang Yueli gave a shrill cry as she hurriedly used her hand to protect her neck, “What are you trying to do Youre not a puppy and youre biting me again! I told you this long before, youre not allowed to plant any love bites on my neck, I dont want to be laughed at by others anymore!”

Li Moying gave an indifferent reply as he gave a low laugh, “Who dares to laugh at you Tell me and Ill help you beat them up! I think the others are not laughing at you, only jealous that were showing off our love…..”

“You think everyones as shameless as you! Go to one side!” Huang Yueli turned and looked at him angrily, trying to push him aside.

However, Li Moying stuck on to her even more as he grumbled, “You still dare to say me Why dont you reflect on yourself, Im already back for quite some time and you totally didnt notice me What are you thinking of Still thinking about what happened in the small town this afternoon”

Huang Yueli replied in surprise, “You know about it”

Li Moying gave a humpf as he said, “Ive just stepped into the door when Elder Wang stopped me and threw me his disciple whom he had bundled up saying that he had offended me unknowingly so hes here to receive his punishment! After Ive asked then I realised that that fellow didnt grow any eyes and actually tried to attack you”

Huang Yueli thought that Li Moying found out about her meeting with Liu Buyan so she had not expected that what Li Moying was talking about was the conflict she had with Feng Li Kun this afternoon about the ores.

That matter, she no longer put it in her mind.

A small character like Feng Li Kun, merely used his own identity as direct disciple which enabled him to tyrannize everyone in Celestial Light Sect.

Actually he didnt have much ability so right after Huang Yueli punched him, she totally casted him out of his mind.

She wouldnt bother about such a small matter.

What made her more worried was Li Moyings Soul Detachment Illness.

Li Moying replied, I asked Elder Wang to drive him out of his faction and from now on hes just an ordinary outer disciple.

Other than that, Elder Wang heard that you liked ores so he gave you a huge box of sixth tier and above high grade ores.

Ive already left it in your armament refining room so take a look yourself tomorrow.”

“Wow Ive struck it rich this time! Thank you!” Huang Yueli gave him a peck on his face to express her gratitude.

Li Moying satisfactorily accepted the beautys kiss, but when he was thinking about hugging his fragrant fiancée to sleep, he discovered that she was still frowning as though there was something on her mind.

Li Moying immediately frowned as he coughed softly.

However Huang Yueli was lost in her thoughts and totally didnt hear him at all.

Li Moying coughed again but still didnt get the reaction he expected so he immediately became upset as he grabbed hold of Huang Yuelis arm and brought her into his embrace.

“What are you thinking about again”

Huang Yueli replied, “Not thinking of anything…..”

Li Moying became even unhappier as he lowered his head pressing against her, meeting his eyes to hers without blinking.

“Dont like to me, you have something on your mind.

Looks like youre not upset over that fellow surnamed Feng, so whats this about”

Seeing Huang Yueli hesitate, he added, “Youre not allowed to lie to me.

You said this yourself, from now on well remain honest with each other and there are no secrets between the two of us.”

Huang Yueli was stunned, recalling that this was really something that she had said.

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