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Chapter 1264: Youre engaged (3)

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But Liu Buyans heart was burning with jealousy.

The girl he liked actually had a marriage arrangement.

No matter what the reason was for her engagement, this still made him extremely dissatisfied!

Even so, he still immediately agreed to it, “Alright, we shall do as you say then!”

He wanted to see for himself who this fiancé of this young lasss was, and what qualifications did he had to possess such a perfect goddess!

What Liu Buyan had on his mind was, he had to utilise his fullest hard work, to hurriedly cure this young lasss fiancé.

In this way, this lass had no moral obligation towards him, nor would she be denounced as a fiancée who abandoned her severely sick fiancé.

On the other hand, he had to personally negotiate with this lasss fiancé, to make him realise that he and this young lasss difference, to let him know that he wasnt fit to be with this young lady! Then making him feel ashamed of his inferiority thereby automatically withdrawing the marriage!

Liu Buyan had indeed weaved beautiful thoughts on it.

Furthermore, if he hadnt misunderstood the other persons words, this plan might possibly be executed beautifully.

But Huang Yuelis next sentence once again grabbed him from heavens all the way into hades.

“Alright then you need to grab hold of time quickly.

Rather than choosing a date, lets make it tomorrow instead.

Later Ill drop by the small towns market to get some ingredients.

What do you want to eat, just tell me! Oh right, I forgot to tell you, its very simple for you to find me.

You just need to go to Celestial Light Sect and find any disciple, tell them youre Divine Doctor Liu and later tell them that youre looking for Young Sect Master Li Moying will do!”

“Li Moying You say your fiancé… is Li Moying”

Liu Buyan had not imagined hearing this name from Huang Yueli at all!

Even though he had suffered several blows earlier and felt that he could take on anything else, but now, he still felt deeply shocked and helpless!

Had he heard wrongly He must have heard wrongly right

How could it be Li Moying How could it be…..


Huang Yueli saw his deep setback look as she asked curiously, “Whats the matter You should know him right Li Moying is my fiancé! I heard the people in his Sect mentioned this before that youve done a consultation for him previously and even refined pills for him.

That Soul Detachment Illness of his is very rare so I think you shouldnt have forgotten about him right”

Liu Buyan clenched his teeth as he tried hard to control himself, to make his own tone sound as peaceful as possible.


Yes, Ive done a consultation for him previously!”

Huang Yueli smiled, “Its great that you remember it! This time Ive looked for your help because his Soul Detachment Illness is getting more and more serious and Im very worried about him! Of course, I know this illness is extremely hard to cure so I wont just use one meal to dismiss you.

No matter how many meals you want, as long as you can cure him, Id definitely fulfil my promise, cooking for you any time that you want!”

Saying that, she seemed to have recalled something as she continued, “Thats right, my Moying seems to repel you a little, is it because the way you treat him is too rough therefore leaving a trauma when he was very young Will you please be gentler then, otherwise be careful that Id add spit into your food okay~”

Huang Yueli finished whatever she was saying and when she raised her head, she saw Liu Buyans head tightly creased with an exceptional unpleasant expression, as though he was experiencing some torture!

His both hands which were on the table were clenched into fists and his lips were tightly pursed into a straight line

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