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Keep further away from Li\'er and from me as well.

Don\'t ever appear casually in front of us! If I ever see any actions from you trying to provoke Li\'er, even if it\'s just a slight crease of her forehead, then don\'t blame me for leaving Master the last of any face which I can give.

You should know clearly that since I can injure you seriously today, the next time I can kill you!

Li Moying\'s voice was too cold, making one tremble in fright.

Murong Fei said in disbelief, Eldest Senior Brother, you… for this slut, my father\'s gratitude towards you….

Before she could finish her sentence, Murong Fei suddenly cried out miserably with an AH and two pieces of teeth dropped out from her mouth.

Li Moying suddenly struck out at her, flicking a pebble by the roadside, directly onto Murong Fei\'s face!

I said this, I don\'t allow you to provoke my Li\'er, who did you say was a slut Li Moying stared icily at her.

Murong Fei really wanted to call Huang Yueli ten thousand times little slut, a vixen who snatched her man from her! But under Li Moying\'s icy cold stare, she was so frightened that her soul flew away, so she could only mumble as she shut her mouth, not daring to say a single word.

Li Moying gave a cold harrumph before he spoke out indifferently, I hope you remember this clearly, that Li\'er is my fiancée, and the only woman who I loved deeply! I only like her, and not like you.

Just seeing you alone makes me feel disgusted! Stop having any designs on me! Even if something really happened to Li\'er at that time, I will never accept you because I will only go down to hades to accompany her! No matter if it\'s life or death, I will not separate from her! That\'s all I have to say!

Hearing such a solemn declaration, Murong Fei\'s entirely laid limp on the ground, unable to give any response.

She had not imagined that Li Moying\'s feelings towards Huang Yueli was actually so deep!

To follow her in death What virtue did this wretched lass had, to be able to receive Li Moying\'s deep and profound love!

After Li Moying finished his words, he didn\'t bother any further about Murong Fei.

He hugged Huang Yueli and brought her back to their residence!

Huang Yueli originally wanted to continue touring, but on hearing Li Moying\'s words, she suddenly lost all her mood.

Being confessed by a man who she deeply loved, any woman would feel their feelings being undulating.

Especially after hearing Li Moying said, will follow her to hades to accompany her, which made Huang Yueli deeply shocked!

She uncontrollably thought about her past life….

After she self-exploded, what had Mu Chengying experienced Was it the same as today, to accompany her in hades

But even if this was the case, they were only a pair of lonely souls, so how could they both be reborn and appear as the current identity, reuniting once again


In the serene night, Celestial Light Sect Sect Master Murong De\'s room.

Murong Fei was dripping mucus as her tears kept flowing while she complained to him.

Father, father, how could Eldest Senior Brother treat me in this way! He actually got seduced by that vixen and is serious about marrying her! How could he do this

Murong De frowned as he felt frustrated.

He had pampered this eldest daughter the most and felt heartache when his daughter had been bullied.

If it was someone else who dared to disrespect Murong Fei, he definitely would seek justice for her! Frankly speaking, Murong Fei and Murong Ni\'s arrogant and selfishness, were all caused by his pampering!

But unfortunately, the person who bullied Murong Fei was Li Moying himself!

Although Li Moying was his disciple, but Murong De had no way to deal with him!-

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