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He originally wanted to hold for a moment, to see if he could squeeze something more out of them.

But when he lowered his head to take a look, the minute he looked at it clearly, his eyes almost popped out, and momentarily, all the things he wanted to say were all stuck at the back of his throat.


The young lady who stuffed the thing in his hands, was actually a pair of third tier upper grade wrist band!

He himself had merely just advanced to fourth stage realm cultivation.

Although he was in South Sky Regions top rated sect like Celestial Light Sect, but as an outer disciple, the advantages he could obtained was limited.

Third tier upper grade Profound Armaments, to him, was absolutely an extremely valuable thing.

If he wanted to buy it, he would have to throw in several years of savings into it, and he could only purchase the most inferior quality type!

But now this young lady just offered a piece of third tier upper grade Profound Armament!

This… wasnt this a little too extravagant What was her influence

The guard raised his head in astonishment, as he stared at her, and at the same time Huang Yueli timely unleashed her own Profound Energys coercion!

The guard shivered, and finally realised that the young lady in front of him, was actually a fourth stage realm practitioner, furthermore….

Her cultivation was much higher than his!

The guards gaze towards her changed instantly, and his tone immediately turned much more polite.


But, Celestial Light Sect isnt unreasonable.

You guys indeed have some special circumstances, so this time round, Ill forget about it.

In future, you must take note and not violate this again.

If everyone were like you guys, not putting the regulations on your minds, how would things do”

Huang Yueli nodded, “Senior Brother please be assured, I guarantee that we wont do it again!”

The guard moved sideways to let them pass.

Huang Yueli led Su Qingyue and Yu Xinyang who were behind her, calmly walking right in.

Even though she was the counterfeit who smuggled in but she didnt display a single bit of guilt, as compared to the real Celestial Light Sect disciples, her performance was much more natural.

Su Qingyue looked at her, and looked at the guard who was just putting on the third tier upper grade wrist guards to test it out, her heart instantly ached.

“Sister Li, its all our fault for the improper planning, causing you to lose such a good pair of wrist guards! Third tier upper grade Profound Armament, just to bribe that kind of bully, sigh, what a pity! Such a waste of a heavenly item!”

A cold glint appeared beneath Huang Yuelis eyes, “No issue, anyway its just a third tier upper grade Profound Armament, I have lots of it here.

The most important thing is to be able to smuggle into Celestial Light Sect and staying put, I have to keep a low profile and not attract anyones attention, so for other matters, well just tolerate with it for now.


He didnt gain much!

When she and Li Moyings relationship was announced, that guard probably would be shocked to death, so this kinda fellow wasnt worth her effort to deal with.


alright! Sister Li, come with me and lets report to the administrator first.”

Huang Yueli followed them, to the administrators courtyard.

On the way, Su Qingyue roughly described Celestial Light Sect outer disciples situation.

There was a large number of Celestial Light Sect outer disciples, other than those practitioners who passed the examination to enter the Sect, there were various upper level Elders or protectors children, and some were talents, who were worth nurturing, sent over by large clans to Celestial Light Sect.

Other than those, there would be some who came to the Sect to ask for an apprenticeship.

Although most of them were like that little boy whom Huang Yueli met yesterday, being thrown out, but there would be an extremely small number of lucky ones who would be selected by the Sects higher management who happened to pass by, who were then accepted under their wing.


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