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Hearing the sword sound breaking in empty space ringing, Huang Yueli didn\'t dare to pretermission and immediately concentrated fully.

Her right hand pointed upwards and a burst of flame appeared in her hand.

She used around thirty percent of her Profound Energy, displaying her Profound Skill as she attacked towards the opponent!

This move of her had a higher percentage of probe, as she mainly wanted to find out what was the secret about the inheritance tower\'s refinement opponent, why did he looked so weak

But she had never expected that the minute she waved that sea of fire towards the opponent\'s corner of the shirt, the opponent only dodged left and right but didn\'t managed to evade her attack as he was heavily struck on the chest.

Huang Yueli subconsciously added another move and this time, the opponent totally didn\'t manage to evade it and directly fainted from her strike.


what\'s the situation

Huang Yueli blinked as she couldn\'t make head or tail out of this.

When she faced this opponent, as compared to ordinary second stage realm fifth level, he indeed was much stronger and adding on to the cultivation methods and Profound Skill, his potential had reached second stage realm\'s peak.


surely this wasn\'t comparable with her right No matter what, she was a fourth stage realm practitioner Giving her such an opponent, did that meant to give her a free win intentionally

Just at this moment, a voice counting down rang in the inheritance tower.

Congratulations Huang Yueli, you\'ve successfully passed the first storey of the inheritance tower, using only six breaths.

In the past ten thousand years among the practitioners who had passed, your rank is one thousand five hundred.

Your reward is a fifth tier lower grade medicinal pill, a bottle of Spirit Restoration Pill! Please continue to strive for the best! After ten breaths later, you\'ll be transported to the second storey, please ready yourself for the next battle.

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven....

Huang Yueli was shocked because she was ranked one thousand give hundred in the past ten thousand years and that was indeed an extremely forefront position!

In the past whenever the inheritance tower opened yearly, there would be five hundred people who took part every time and after accumulating the amount of people for several thousands of years, there should be a few hundred thousand at least!

Among so many people, what concept was it to be ranked one thousand five hundred

Furthermore, when she just entered, she actually hesitated for a very long period of time.

If she had put in her full effort in attacking the opponent, to tell the truth, she might not even need one breath\'s time before she could counter the opponent to obtain victory!

In that case, what rank would she be able to achieve

Huang Yueli felt that she was slightly not calm as she originally thought that the first storey of the inheritance tower was so easy! But now from her ranking, it was easy to guess that the inheritance tower\'s refinement couldn\'t possibly be that easy.

Otherwise the others would also need at most a few breaths to pass through this stage easily, so how could she possibly obtained such a high ranking

In this case, did that meant that her assessment was especially simple

But why was it like this There\'s just no way to explain it Could it be that because she\'s a heaven grade genius


Four, Three, Two, One! Begin!

Huang Yueli had yet to make head or tail when she was transported to the middle of the second storey.

She hurriedly shook her head to drive away all the distracting thoughts in her mind.

Stop speculating, perhaps it\'s all a coincidence only! What\'s more, perhaps they gave me an easy opponent first and later on, the difficulty would increase largely, so things are definitely not so easy, so I absolutely cannot undermine the opponent!

She warned herself once again as she turned around to face her new opponent.

This time, her opponent was actually….

a second stage eighth level little girl

This lass looked as though she wasn\'t even ten years old, why… did she become her opponent

Huang Yueli was standing in the blistering wind in a complete daze!-

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