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Indeed, his instincts were spot on.

The minute Mo Yi opened his mouth to iterate it, it almost scared him to death!

In another seven days, will be the full moon\'s night…..

Jiang Tuxin\'s heart thumped hard.

Mo Yi hurriedly continued, As you\'ve seen previously, whenever Master acted up, it is actually very terrifying.

Moreover recently there\'s the trend of his illness becoming more serious than before, as each time it acted up, it was more and more powerful.

Only when Third Miss stayed by his side, would he be pacified! If something really happened to Third Miss, all of us are going to run into bad luck! The problem is already very serious now, and if we still aren\'t able to locate Third Miss within seven days, what should we do when Master\'s illness acts up

Jiang Tuxin was tensed to the max, This… Protector Mo, in the past when Miss Bai wasn\'t around, didn\'t you all have any way to handle this

Mo Yi replied, There is a way.

In the past, Divine Doctor Liu had specially refined some medicinal pill for Master and it could slightly control his illness but as a prevention, we need at least four ninth stage realm and above Sect Elders to stand guard at the same time for Master.

If Master refuses to return to the Sect and if his illness acts up halfway during the journey, things are going to turn out very badly.

Ah Then what should we do Jiang Tuxin was totally at a loss.

Mo Yi\'s lips revealed a calculated smile, He he, that\'s why I said I need Principal Jiang to coordinate with me, let\'s think of a way to trick Master back! At least we gotta wait till full moon\'s night is over and only let him out after his body has recuperated.

Ah This… you\'re not afraid that after Young Sect Master finds out about the truth, he will go mad Do you still want your little live

Jiang Tuxin was drenched in a headful of sweat as he never expected Mo Yi to have so much guts to this extent!

Mo Yi was actually pretty helpless, There\'s no other way, you think I\'m willing to defy Master But as compared to his life, I\'m willing to accept my punishment after this deed is done! Don\'t worry, you just need to coordinate with me to tell a few lies, I won\'t confess anything about you after the deed is completed.

But… this…..

Jiang Tuxin had wanted to shirk but he was held on by Mo Yi\'s carrot and stick approach, so in the end he could only agree to it.

Mo Yi solved a huge problem and on the surface, he was relieved but within his heart, it had turned extremely heavy.

He looked away at the eastern part of the sky and went into deep thoughts.

This time even if they were able to trick Master back to the Sect, but surely they weren\'t able to do it every single month right Master couldn\'t possibly be tricked every single time too

Third Miss, where on earth have you gone to

If you still don\'t return, everyone\'s not going to be able to continue living!


In the inheritance tower.

Huang Yueli was facing the first storey\'s opponent and she felt that she was totally stupefied.

Early after she heard Huang Zixiao\'s warning, she thought that the opponent that she was going to face was an extremely strong opponent, and even if it was just this first storey, it would be a powerful practitioner who would be a threat to her!

The result was, after she took a careful look, she discovered that the first storey opponent was actually a second stage realm fifth level practitioner.

Wasn\'t this….

a little too weak

She could send a normal second stage realm fifth level practitioner flying with just one move!

But considering that this was the almighty ancient god clan\'s inheritance tower, Huang Yueli felt that she shouldn\'t take things too simply.

This opponent might look weak but there must be some secret behind it.

Perhaps it was to confuse her so she absolutely cannot undermine the opponent!

As Huang Yueli just stood there without moving, the opponent on the opposite side couldn\'t hold on any longer as he proactively charges towards her!-

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