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By now, Huang Zixiao had completely forgot to breath as his eyes were totally affixed on the light pillar, not even daring to blink just so that he was afraid that he might miss a single bit of change on it!

He knew that, he was witnessing a miraculous birth right now!


birth of a heaven grade genius!

After a difficult time of climbing, it finally reached the peak of the inheritance tower.

Just at this instance, the entire light pillar suddenly emitted a super glaring ray, which was much more brighter by several times than before, and instantly, the entire inheritance tower was enveloped in this strong light!

Although Huang Zixiao was only a spirit body, but he was still unable to open his eyes fully from such a blaring ray!

It was only after the glow gradually subsided when Huang Yueli\'s figure finally appeared in the centre of the high tower.

She laid on one side, totally immovable but the expression on her face wasn\'t in pain, but rather it was exceptionally peaceful.

The light pillar had already shattered into pieces by now as it enveloped her entire body.

The shattered pieces, one after another, dropped down onto her body as it begun to be absorbed into her.

AH-----!! Female Devil, what\'s happened to you-----!! Finished, finished, will you die or not! If you die, who will cook chicken drumsticks for me to eat!

As Huang Zixiao was afraid that Little Phoenix would disrupt the entire process, he had kept it sealed within a boundary so no matter how he bounced or hopped, he was not allowed to leave it.

Now that everything had ended, he finally waved his hand to remove the boundary.

When Little Wang Cai was released, it immediately pounced onto Huang Yueli, bawling loudly.

Huang Zixiao was still soaked in the shock from the birth of a heaven grade genius but on seeing this, his forehead creased as he suddenly felt that an act was put on.

What on earth was happening This young lass….

actually fed a phoenix chicken drumsticks And from what it said, she seemed to have fed him a lot

No wonder this phoenix was so fat, and it had dysplasia!

Sigh, a young lass was after all a young lass, she was still so young and had no knowledge so even if she was heaven grade, but she still didn\'t know how to rear a spiritual beast! Later he must educate her properly!

Not knowing how much time had passed, Huang Yueli finally awoke from her concussion.

Her memories started to return to her as she hurriedly sat up.

She took a deep breath to sense the Profound Energy within her body and shockingly discovered, that she actually… actually advanced successfully

She was now a fourth stage realm practitioner!

Furthermore, during the last moment in the light pillar, she had obviously felt her entire blood and Qi\'s energy being sucked dry, and was worried that her life would be shortened but now, her blood essence was flourishing.

Not only did she not show any signs of aging, on the contrary, she even felt that she had more vitality than before…..

Just as she was in a daze, she heard footsteps closing in.

Congratulations, you\'re the third heaven grade genius to be assessed by this inheritance tower!

Huang Yueli went into a short blank and instantly gave a mixed expression which showed shock and joy, I succeeded Earlier I was just lacking a little to breakthrough to heave grade but after I tried my best, I fainted directly so I thought I had failed!

No, you\'ve succeeded! At the same time, so successful and perfectly completed the first stage of refinement! Huang Zixiao smiled as he said that.

Earlier when Huang Yueli just stepped in, his attitude was still filled with ninety percent of arrogance.

After all, he was the clan\'s minister who had guarded the inheritance tower for several thousands of years whereas Huang Yueli was merely a nobody among the younger generation.

He had seen a lot of such people so naturally he wouldn\'t give a hoot about them.

But now, the situation was totally different!

Huang Yueli actually became a heaven grade genius!

Perhaps even she herself didn\'t knew what that meant, but Huang Zixiao knew clearly what it meant!-

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