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He saw the light pillar had slowly reached the top of the tower, leaving only just one tenth of a distance from the peak.

But the light pillar had not stopped ascending!

Rather… it steadily broke through this checkpoint and continued climbing!

Could it be… impossible! This probably is already her limit!


At this point of time, Huang Yueli who was standing in the centre of the light pillar, was indeed reaching her limit.

When she entered this innate testing mechanism, she discovered that this mechanism which was left behind from the ancient times had indeed been as overbearing as the Sacred Phoenix Clan.

It wasn\'t like what Huang Zixiao mentioned earlier, to let her inject her Profound Energy of her own accord.

On the contrary, the minute she stepped in, the light pillar began to actively absorb the Profound Energy within her.

After entering not too long ago, her Profound Energy was almost being sucked dry.

This was why when she just reached Earth grade, the Profound Energy in her hadn\'t much left and the light pillar seemed to have halted in ascending.

Actually, to be able to reach a standard near the Earth grade genius, to her as a practitioner who grew up in the lower realm was already an universally shocking innate talent.

In her own continent, she was already considered to be a top rated peerless expert.

But at this moment, she heard Huang Zixiao\'s ramblings to himself.


side branches clansmen, who could become Earth grade geniuses, and sometimes there might not even be one after several thousand years.

This young lass… naturally couldn\'t be one…..

What Huang Yueli hated the most was to be despised by others, not to mention that others saying that she could not do something!

Why was it not possible She just had to do it to show him that she could do it!

Furthermore, the result of the innate talent assessment was not just about figures, it also decided the difficulty and rewards which she would gain after the training, and she must give a shot on this!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli clenched her teeth hard as she persisted and continued to throw in whatever Profound Energy that remained within her body.

< nine= phoenix= transformations=>> was a cultivation method which specialised in recovery, which enabled her to regain her Profound Energy much faster than other people in the middle of a battle.

She tried her best to extract her own capacity, hoping to regain more Profound Energy to inject into the light pillar.

As expected, although the speed of the light pillar\'s ascension had grown extremely slow, but it was still climbing upwards!

But her effort and perseverance were still limited and just as she was a line away from the Earth grade\'s standard, Huang Yueli\'s Profound Energy was completely sucked dry, which meant that she really had reached her limit...

Huang Yueli\'s face was pale as she bit her lip, with no choice but to accept that this indeed was her innate talent…..

Just as she was waiting to be transmitted out, suddenly, the Sky Phoenix Ring which had melded into her started to vibrate.

Immediately following that, the Sky Phoenix Ring suddenly emitted a glow, as her entire Dantian was enveloped in it, making her feel as though she was soaked in the medicinal bath while she was advancing, her entire body felt as though she was being torched by flames, so hot that she always cried out loudly!

These glowing energy started to spread apart, dissipating into each and every meridian of hers.

Huang Yueli could feel that this energy was not Profound Energy, but a kind of much more strong, and more dangerous energy, but she totally didn\'t know how to use it!

Luckily at this moment, she was at the centre of the light pillar, and she was required to actively used these energy.

The light pillar automatically absorbed these energy.

Relatively, the light pillar\'s length swiftly extended by a notch, as it steadily surpassed the Earth grade\'s checkpoint!-

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