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Tenth stage realm!

That was something which Mu Chengying, in his past life, had spent numerous effort on but yet still unable to attain at that realm!

Remembering the incident before something happened to her, Mu Chengying once said that he had finally felt the threshold of breaking through to the tenth stage realm but that, in order to save her, he forcefully stopped his closed door cultivation and his stage realm dropped.

And now she had no idea how he became Li Moying….

tenth stage realm, probably wasn\'t able to attain that.

So it could be seen how difficult it was to attain to the tenth stage realm!

Even so, several thousand years ago, when Soaring Heavens Continent\'s Heaven and Earth\'s Profound Qi\'s density was ten times more than the current, based on Mu Chengying\'s innate talent then, he would probably had ascended long ago.

But even so, on hearing that so many young practitioners breaking through to the tenth stage realm every year was still a shocking achievement.

No wonder Little Wang Cai said the Sacred Phoenix Race was one of the four large clans in the God Realm.

This potential, was indeed outstanding!

Huang Zixiao saw her gasp in admiration expression as he felt more comfortable in his heard.

This inexperienced young lass, when she first entered here, she was totally clueless about the clan\'s glamourous history, which simply made him, someone who was bursting with glory with the clan\'s honour felt like his chest was so stuffed that he could die.

Now… her performance finally seemed normal.

Now do you understand Know how big of an advantage you\'ve picked up Huang Zixiao hummed as he said chillingly.

Huang Yueli nodded her head, Indeed rather surprised…..

but surely this cannot be called as picking up an advantage right I feel that with my innate talent, even if it was several thousand years ago, I would still be able to enter the inheritance tower.

Huang Zixiao had thought that after Huang Yueli heard what he said, she would absolutely put on a look as though a huge pie had dropped from the sky, knowing how lucky she was.

In the end, this lass actually seemed as though it was a matter-of-fact thing to happen

Did she think that having a Flame Spirit Physique was something incredible

Certainly, the Flame Spirit Physique wasn\'t commonly seen among the Sacred Phoenix Race but in the way of cultivation, it wasn\'t purely just based on the innate physique only!

Huang Zixiao spoke in displeasure, Looks like, you\'re very confident Feel that your innate talent is very good Then why not hurry over and do the assessment.

Assessment Huang Yueli blinked.

Huang Zixiao\'s wide robe sleeves waved towards the sky as the centre of the high tower which was originally empty suddenly appeared a long crystal like pillar, and under the strong reflection of the light, it looked sparkling and translucent with brilliant lights and vibrant colours, looking very magical.

Although Huang Yueli had guessed something in her heard, but she still opened her mouth to ask, What is this

Huang Zixiao said, This is the mechanism which we use commonly in the God Realm to assess one\'s innate talent.

Now walk to the centre position of the pillar and unleash all the Profound Energy in your body into it.

The light pillar\'s brightness will undergo changes according to your innate talent and different brightness represented different innate talent grades!

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment, Innate talent grade My Flame Spirit Physique should be ninth grade innate talent and above!

Huang Zixiao\'s lips revealed a scornful smile, First to ninth grade innate talent, is something which those ordinary practitioners who aren\'t from a clan, uses to assess the grade.

In a large clan like the Sacred Phoenix Race, innate talents of ninth grade and below are all considered as ordinary grade innate talent!

Ordinary grade innate talent What is that Huang Yueli couldn\'t understand it at all.

Although Huang Zixiao seemed slightly impatient, but he still started to explain.

In God Realm, the real geniuses innate talent grading are categorised into four different grades, Heaven grade, Earth grace, Human grade and Ordinary grade.

Soaring Heavens Continent\'s so called first to ninth grade talent all fall into the category of Ordinary grade.-

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