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Both zither sound and attack hastily fell upon him as Ling Wenbin was blocked outside the door.

The bronze door gradually descended and finally it was left with merely half a meter of opening.

Upon seeing that he was going to be shut outside, Ling Wenbin suddenly regained his senses and instantly, all his potential exploded from within!

He fiercely hollered as both palms struck out forward!

His entire body\'s Profound Qi were instilled in this move alone.

A seventh stage realm cultivator\'s strongest Profound Skill was no small matter and after the bronze door suffered such a heavy attack, the speed of descent actually slowed down slightly.

Ling Wenbin hurriedly put one leg inside, thinking to make use of this last chance to squeeze through from the door slit below!

However, Huang Yueli had also utilised her killer move!

She turned the direction of the Icy Jade Zither as her fingers started plucking and the zither sound suddenly changed a key as it became murderous-sounding.

At the same time, she drew out a silvery white, foot-long short sword from the zither body and lit up the sword blade with flame as she pierced it towards Ling Wenbin\'s right leg!


A miserable shriek was heard and Huang Yueli\'s short sword had already struck Ling Wenbin\'s right leg.

Seventh stage realm cultivator\'s body wasn\'t easily injured but Huang Yueli had used the zither sound to attack and inflict injury onto him and with Little Phoenix\'s total coordination, she managed to piece through Ling Wenbin\'s calf totally with just one strike.

At this moment, the distance of the bronze door was just two inches away from the ground.

Ling Wenbin knew that he had lost his last chance and there was no way he could enter this place again as he couldn\'t help but started to tell, Wretched lass, you sinister and treacherous wretched lass, how dare you set me up in this way! Hide in the tower for your entire life if you dare and don\'t come out, because if you do, I will absolutely let you die without any burial ground!

Huang Yueli waved her hand at him as she replied lazily, If you had such an ability, then I can only say that\'s my fate! But unfortunately… the one who always gain the advantages seems to be me! Old fart, goodbye, slowly wait outside!

Ling Wenbin was so angry that he threw up blood wildly on the spot!

However, what was more tragic was right behind!

As his right leg had already extended into the inner part of the high tower, Ling Wenbin had wanted to take advantage of the last chance before the bronze door closed up to withdrew his leg.

But he had just used some strength before he discovered that his right leg had already lost all senses! He was unable to withdraw it at all!

He immediately realised what had happened, it was definitely one of Huang Yueli\'s tricks.

That wretched lass\'s sword earlier, although it could not cut off his leg, but it was aimed at numbing his meridians!

Damn it! Door don\'t close, don\'t close! Give me a few breaths time!

Ling Wenbin was in so much dismay that his entire body was drenched in sweat.

He used his hand to pull his own leg, thinking to withdraw it.

But alas, it was too late.

No one could stop the trend of the bronze door closing and finally….

it heavily expelled his right leg.

A terror stricken, furious and desperate miserable shriek echoed into Huang Yueli\'s ears but very quickly, it was blocked out by that great bronze door on the outside as she couldn\'t hear anything else.

Huang Yueli finally heaved a long sigh.

Finally, we have gotten rid of this old fart, it\'s just too dangerous this time round! Luckily I was resourceful enough!

Says who You were able to escape was totally because of this young master\'s clever and quick-wittedness, martial and heroic, super powerful ability, handsome and suave...

Little Phoenix was chattering non stop as it tried its hardest to plaster gold onto its face.-

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