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Ling Wenbin thought so too, Huang Yueli\'s performance earlier had been too obedient and too compliant, she had been standing there acting according to his request to let her blood flow, she had not been doing anything funny at all.

Then… why wouldn\'t this door open

Ling Wenbin frowned but after thinking for some time, he wasn\'t able to find any leads.

Out of desperation, he could only retrieve the treasure map from his realm ring and raising it against the light, he started studying it carefully.

As he was reading it, he mumbled non-stop, Weird, this lass had totally followed according to what the treasure map requested.

As long as her blood filled up the entire door frame, the phoenix in the middle livens up, then this door will be opened! Why is it that it\'s not opening now

Huang Yueli was still standing in front of the door as she started shouting.

Hey, Old man Ling, have you read properly yet or not Can you hurry up Don\'t tell me your age is catching up and your eyes can\'t see clearly

Ling Wenbin originally was feeling depressed because the door wouldn\'t open and after being relentlessly ridiculed by her, above the depression was a stuffed feeling as the expression on his face turned even uglier.

He turned around and lectured, Wretched lass, shut up! Can\'t you tell that I\'m already reading it Urge, urge, urge, what\'s there to urge about

Huang Yueli looked as though she was about to faint as she replied breathlessly, I… of course I need to urge! You\'re just there reading the map which is an easy job but here I am losing blood! You know how much blood I\'ve lost in order to fill so many carvings I feel that I\'ve lost too much blood and I feel very cold now.

My head feels dizzy as though I\'m about to lose consciousness anytime now...


as a practitioner, how could you be so weak Ling Wenbin replied in a bad mood.

Huang Yueli\'s feet shuffled and swayed and just as she was about to fall down, she hurriedly put out her other left hand which had not been cut as she held onto the wall, steadying herself.

Ah, so dizzy so dizzy… I really cannot take it anymore… if you don\'t tell me clearly how to open this door, after I die from excessive blood loss, then you can search for another person to open this door for you!

Ling Wenbin\'s expression grew darker still but he could tell that Huang Yueli seemed as though she really couldn\'t make it any longer.

If this wretched lass were to really died, where on earth was he going to find another person to release blood and open this door!

Then, why don\'t you tell me what to do Ling Wenbin started to become anxious.

Huang Yueli said, Why not you show me that treasure map! I\'ve already told you this earlier, you\'re not an Armament Master, so regarding mechanisms, you might not be able to tell…..

At this juncture, Ling Wenbin had no other way, on thinking that Huang Yueli was indeed a real talented armament master, so he nodded his head, Alright, I\'ll let you take a look.

He walked towards Huang Yueli and raised the map to show her from afar.

Huang Yueli frowned as she looked and mumbled to herself, Well, there\'s really a problem! Old man Ling, what you say isn\'t right at all.

This place should….

Hmm, why can\'t I see it clearly Can you bring it nearer a little bit more

Ling Wenbin walked closer a little but Haung Yueli still expressed that she couldn\'t see clearly.

Ling Wenbin finally lost patience and directly placed the treasure map in front of her eyes, Alright, this should be near enough.

Such a young age and your eyes can\'t even match up to an old man like me

He he, this is so embarrassing, let me take a careful look….. Huang Yueli lowered her head.

Ling Wenbin looked at the four surroundings in apprehension.

Suddenly he felt something being pulled from his hands...-

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