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The image that entered their eyes was a broad and simple yet unadorned high tower.

The tower body was very delicate, width was only ten meters yet it was very tall, like a needle pointing towards the sky horizon.

When Huang Yueli saw that, she uncontrollably broke out in cold sweat.

Such a slender tower body, it felt like a big gust of wind would be able to blow it down anytime.

However, this tall tower had experienced thousands of years of being windswept and battering of rain and yet it remained immovable, as it stood upright majestically.

Huang Yueli walked forward along with Little Phoenix and suddenly felt something was not right.

On turning back, she realised that the array exit which she had left from earlier had disappeared into the mist and even that blinding road sign had also disappeared without a trace.

Looks like, we can only head towards the tower... Huang Yueli shrugged.

Little Phoenix patted its wings, Chi chi chi chi chi!

----- Hurry go in! There might be some clues which Uncle Bai left behind inside! I have a premonition that …..

a huge secret was hiding inside!

Huang Yueli nodded and walked towards the entrance.

The high tower\'s main door was made out of bronze and was extremely lofty, the door was carved with complicated patterns.

Look… this seems like a phoenix Huang Yueli pointed to the centre position, that position used an extensive amount of intricate carving methods and a lively image of a phoenix was carved out.

She hadn\'t heard any answer and curiously turned around.

Little Phoenix\'s expression was filled with shock.

What\'s wrong with you!

Chi chi chi!

--- This carving….

Looks so much like my brother! So martial and heroic, compared to me….

it\'s just lacking that little bit!

Huang Yueli\'s lips twitched, I think you must have gone crazy thinking of your brother This is the mark left behind tens of thousands of years ago by a peerless expert and your brother had never been to Soaring Heavens Continent right Moreover, don\'t all the phoenixes look alike You can tell which is which

Chi chi chi chi chi chi!!!

--- Who said everyone looks the same We\'re obviously not the same! For someone as handsome as this little mater, where can you find a second one

Little Phoenix protested violently but Huang Yueli didn\'t read the deep meaning behind its words, only feeling that it was as arrogant as always so she didn\'t probe further.

She placed her hand on the door as she pushed gently.


Following that was a slight sound as the bronze door flashed a glint of blue light, shocking Huang Yueli so much that she withdrew her hand swiftly.

Her expression looked to be filled in deep thoughts, Looks like, this door cannot be opened casually, there are several ancient arrays encrypted onto this...

Before she could finish her words, suddenly Little Phoenix gave a mournful whine as its voice resonated through the skies!

Huang Yueli trembled and before her body could make any reaction, her toes had threaded hard on the ground as she flew out in a slanted direction!

At the same time, she gathered all the Profound Qi from her body and a bundle of thunder flame like fire was thrown out towards her back!

As expected, just as she was jumping out, a whetting Profound Qi attacked towards her original position.

Although this strike didn\'t hit her, but when it struck the ground, it caused a huge hole on the tough stone ground.

Huang Yueli turned around to take a look in lingering fear.

Standing not too far behind her was the mysterious man who was chasing after her in hot pursuit yesterday!

Huang Yueli\'s eyes popped out with surprise as she didn\'t expect the mysterious man to follow her to this place!

Although yesterday Little Phoenix made a huge commotion while it was advancing, but the huge stone array layout was just too complicated.-

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