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Mo Yi didn\'t know the exact reason why they quarrelled.

From what they saw, Li Moying and Huang Yueli were an extremely compatible model couple.

From how they usually interacted, they knew that both of them were each other\'s sunshine and even if they quarrelled, it was probably because they were both too arrogant and stubborn, none of them was willing to take a step back or purely because they were jealous of a rival in a love affair, since both of them were just so popular.

Anyway, it would always be because of these childish reasons which led to their argument.

Which couple on earth did not quarrel As long as they could act as a middleman, giving them a stage to step down, they probably would patch things up soon!

Unfortunately, Mo Yi\'s guess was totally wrong.

Li Moying and Huang Yueli were not just any normal couple quarrelling but had completely failed in negotiations.

If it hadn\'t been for the fact that Li Moying\'s illness suddenly acted up, perhaps they might not even meet in future.

When Li Moying heard what Mo Yi said, he was expressionless and merely asked, Other than saving me, what else did Li\'er tell you guys

Mo Yi shook his head absently, Nothing, after Third Miss followed us back, she had been staying in the room to take care of you.

The few of us dare not disturb so we retreated far, far away.

Li Moying shut his eyes and didn\'t say a single word.

Forget it, what was he anticipating That Li\'er would say she regretted it She discovered that the person she loved the most was him

How could such a thing even happened The lass that he liked had always been resolute and her target had always been obvious.

Once she decided on something, she would never change her mind...

Since things had come to such a state… then there was no meaning in continuing to entangle with her.

Moreover, pestering her would only made Li\'er hated him further.

Then he might as well break it off like this, at least in her heart, she would always remember him in his best manner.

Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San secretly exchanged glances, as they all felt that something was wrong with Li Moying.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Third Miss was still lying in the room and according to his usual habits, wouldn\'t he stick right by Third Miss\'s bedside, unable to be chased away Why was today different Furthermore….

His expression looked rather ugly.

Suddenly, Li Moying opened his mouth, Mo San, go over to Jiang Tuxin and get him to invite the best doctor in Celestial Light Academy to help Li\'er do a consultation.

She\'s been sleeping for so long without waking, so I\'m not sure if there\'s any issues.

If he has any Profound Energy replenishing pills, get more over.

Right, get him to get some maids over.

Hearing that, the three of them heaved a sigh of relief.

Looked like towards Third Miss\'s affairs, Young Sect Master had considered every single detail carefully and was concerned about her condition, so probably….

both of them were fine


It was indeed their imagination.

Mo San hurriedly replied, Yes, I\'ll work on it right now!

Saying that, he didn\'t dare to dilly dally as he immediately turned around to leave the room to run the errand.

Li Moying looked at the remaining two people, Mo Er, Murong Fei is not staying in Celestial Light Academy\'s southern end courtyard so go and bring her over.

Saying that, he looked at Mo Yi and said, Mo Yi, you mentioned earlier that our Sect had sent Elders to hurry over on the flying ship so have they reached the academy yet Go and contact Elder Chen now, tell him to prepare the flying ship right now .I intend to return to Celestial Light Sect before mid afternoon today!

Mo Yi and Mo Er were stunned, Master, you\'re returning to Celestial Light Sect today

Li Moying nodded, That\'s right!

Mo Yi asked, But…..

Master, your Soul Detachment Illness just acted up yesterday and although you regained consciousness quickly this time round, your body is still very weak so shouldn\'t you rest a few days before leaving Otherwise, the damage to your body is just too huge!-

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