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In her past life, Mu Chengying had called her in the same way and now Li Moying called her that several times…..

Was it just a coincidence

Something seemed to flash past Huang Yueli\'s mind, feeling that something was wrong but she wasn\'t able to grasp that thought...

She wanted to push Li Moying aside but upon touching him, feeling his scorching hot chest, it made her go into a dilemma.

Huang Yueli\'s face flushed as she cried out softly, Li….

Li Moying, let me go! I\'m not going to leave, just going to get some water for you to take medication, be obedient…..

No, I\'m not letting go! Li Moying abruptly rejected.

Huang Yueli stared hard at him, this man was too childish wasn\'t he.

He\'s already so sick to this extent that\'s he\'s already unconscious but he still doesn\'t know what he\'s doing Still so wilful Simply no different from a three year old kid!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Just as she was preparing to fire up, Li Moying suddenly moved and immediately after that, he sat upwards.

Hey, why did you suddenly get….


Huang Yueli wanted to push him down but facing Li Moying\'s eyes, her heart raced wildly!

Because Li Moying\'s expression…..

looked too terrifying, totally not like his usual self!

That pair of alluring peach blossom eyes shone a cool, stern ray and his expression was deep but reserved, yet bringing about an undebatable imposing manner!

At that moment, she thought she was looking at Mu Chengying…..

Just as Huang Yueli was in a daze, Li Moying had already brought her into his embrace as he hugged her tightly.

That kind of energy was so powerful and tight that she found it hard to breathe.

Li Moying, what are you doing Let….

Let me go! I can\'t breathe!

But Li Moying seemed as though he didn\'t hear her.

Huang Yueli even began to feel that his body shaking continuously.


what are you doing

Following that, she heard Li Moying\'s voice by the side of her ear.

Little fox, you\'re not allowed to leave! I will not allow you to go search for materials on your own….

Do you know how dangerous the places you are heading are Because of armament refining, don\'t you even want your life No way, without me accompanying you in future, you\'re not allowed to go to such dangerous places!

Hey, what concern does it have to do with you I have my own personal freedom to go wherever I want to! Huang Yueli subconsciously rebuked.

But very quickly, she realised that something was wrong.

Wait a minute, when have I gone to any dangerous places to search for materials

Ever since her rebirth, due to her lack of ability, hadn\'t she been extra careful in everything she did She no longer dared to go around risking her life like in her past life…..

Not waiting for her to thinking clearly, Li Moying opened his mouth once again.

Little fox, I know you\'re anxious about fixing the Sky Phoenix Ring but… this matter cannot be hurried! Do you know that every time a God Relic appears, how many people\'s greed and coveting does it attract You must maintain a low profile while handling things and do it slowly….

Don\'t always trust the people next to you, especially that Eldest Miss from Celestial Heavens Gate...

Hearing that, Huang Yueli seemed to be struck by lightning as she was so shocked that she could not say a single word!

After some time, she blankly said.

Wh… what did you just say Sky Phoenix Ring How do you know about the Sky Phoenix Ring

But Li Moying suddenly stopped talking at this moment.

Huang Yueli struggled in his embrace as she kept wriggling her body, Tell me clearly! How did you find out about such things And….

Celestial Heavens Gate\'s Eldest Young miss… who on earth….

are you exactly-

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